What Are Pancreatic Enzymes?

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can having part of your pancreas cause fatty liver?
I think fat liver is related to high-fat diet and less exercise. what do you mean by having part of pancreas?
Do you mean you had part of your pancreas removed? Post pancreas surgery there's a guideline of diet, mainly for easy digestion and nutrition, it's not said to be linked to fatty liver as far as I know.
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husband is loseing lot of weight De==doctor went down throat and said he has toomany enzymes in pancreas but meds. are 800.00 co pay
How high is it, the blood amylase? The value matters.
I think you mean high blood amylase, the enzyme to digest starches. Did your Dr. tell you what caused the high amylase? High amylase isn't a disease itself, some disease made it occur. Some diseases might be pancreatitis, gallbladder, kidney, tumor, or medication, etc. Treatment is for the disease, not the symptom. But what you can do other than medication, is avoiding alcohol, low fat high fiber diet, drink enough water.
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I have had 3 GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERIES,(1/2005) the last to CORRECT the first two that were done incorrectly.During tie between the second & third I was dxwith CHRONIC PANCREATITIS by a gastroenterologist. I have been 99o/0 better since last SURGERY but never retested,ieCHRONIC PANCREATITIS But have been on CREON 12000 MI CAPSULES FOR OVER 18YRS.2BEFORE MEALS&1 CAPSULE BEFORE SNACK. I have never smoked,when younger drank approx,1six pack in my 75yrs, and none of them in over 10yrs Question: Isn't there some sort of diagnostic test that can verify CHRONIC PANCREATITIS is still active or does the ailment stay with you till you pass away.Just tired of taking so much medication in order to eat. I have at various times just forgotten to take the CREON before eating,have never noticed any UNTOWARD effects.Any help,ifo, etc.you can pass on would be extremely appreciated
There're tests for chronic pancreatitis. A secretin stimulation test is considered the best test for diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, yet it's a bit uncomfortable, not as easy as a blood test. And fasting is necessary. There're other tests including ultrasound, I think you may discuss with your dr.