What Causes Stomach Cramps and Diarrhea in Children?

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Normally, I experience intestinal (gut( cramps. This usually becomes worse just before defecation -- usually diarrhoea) but usually ceases and calms down
after 'dumping my load'.

Rarely have I experienced cramping elsewhere such as in my upper back leg area or indeed sole of my feet That is temporarily. Then weird, in the small of my back more to the left side, that too also automatically resolves itself.

Is this some 'radiated' pain from the usual gut tract pain, or what? ^(Once again) I have been officially diagnosed with IBS-D), thus experiencing bad gut pain and cramping, followed by diarrhoea, and once all that is done, the diarrhoea ends as well with the intestinal painful cramping.

have you tried Probiotics. it can be helpful.
try to have a healthy lifestyle.
it might be eating to much candy .