What Are the Basics of Glaucoma?

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I have had high pressures in both my eyes since I was 29 or 30 years old, I am now 64 yrs old.  I have had the test where you look into some binocular type thingy, and click when I see a light or flash.  I guess I have always passed the test, I have never been put on medication.  I am do to have a test in the near future.  Should I be worried ?
it's ok that you check out a little later. don't worry.
What was your pressures
They say i have it in my lift eye but i see better in the lift then the right n i dont feel any thing differnt .
There was no obvious visual loss in the early stage of glaucoma. The early symptoms are mainly: often feel eye fatigue and discomfort; the eyes often feel soreness, and will relieve after rest; blurred vision, myopia or presbyopia suddenly deepen; eyes often feel dry.