What Are the Basics of Synovial Sarcoma?

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HOW do I find out more on Dubiously Sarcoma.Up to date info.
1. Consult your family doctor
2. Visit the outpatient doctor
3. Professional literature search, enter the search term "Sarcoma"
4. Focus on relevant academic conferences
5. Subscription of relevant medical guidelines
I hope the above suggestions will help you.
I have not been diagnosed yet but I have been prescribed Hormone therepy drugs for way to long about 8 to ten years. I didn't know it would end up this way and I'm a trusting sole. I have now liver desease and am due a biopsy and Kat scan to check for tumors or cancer. I also have developed a heart condition where the valves don't close right and the blood backs up into the atria which would overflow into the lungs and is life threatening. I found a couple days ago in the center behind the second toe on my left foot on the ball of the foot a softer lump under the skin. It's large in size and is very tender. I wondered about synovial sarcoma cancer because my brother had osteo sarcoma cancer and the drugs I was prescribed Do Not Help. I will have it checked on Monday to see. Can you give me an image or tell me more about this type of cancer?
You may have misunderstood the term synovial sarcoma cancer. I know your problems are caused by a body enzyme deficiency, and you take the drugs to supplement the deficient enzymes. Due to this enzyme deficiency, your heart is also involved, presenting as heart failure. It is by no means a synovial sarcoma. Do not worry.