What Is the Eye Pressure Range for Glaucoma?

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My brother has glaucoma,his pressure went from 13 to 40 in one eye.He is on drops twice a day.My question  is will this pressure cause a stroke or heart attack?
ncreased intraocular pressure can lead to functional damage and even death of the retina and optic nerve, and vision loss.
Acute glaucoma, manifested as acute eye pain, red eyes, sharp decline in vision, may be reduced from 1.0 visual acuity to almost invisible, may also be accompanied by rainbow vision, headache and vomiting, this situation should be seen in the hospital as soon as possible.
I don't know which drug do you have , check the instruction of the drop,see it have adverse reaction.
normally glaucoma and stroke or heart attack are not related.
I’m on combigan eye drops two times day because of pressure in one eye from shingles 3 years ago I’m very dizzy and floaty when I use drop 2 times day I have concerns being a heart patient and taking several medications I have not been diagnosed with glaucoma just pressure
What eye drops do you use, can you tell me the name? I suggest you look at the drug label, and the effect of ophthalmic medication on the whole body is usually small.
I'm 72yrs old and the pressure in one eye is over 30 and my Dr is prescribing eye drops to help lower the pressure. I'm hopping  that the drops will indeed lower the pressure. If not I don't know what the Dr will do.
I think the problem is not serious as you think, your doctor can handle this very easily, trust him.
I would get a second opinion
I’m on a eye drop for glaucoma but my pressure was 25 it normal runs 19 what should I do?
I don't know what kind of drug you had.  Was it prescribed by a doctor? I guess a doctor has tested you eye pressure, did he give you any suggestion? Try to contact this doctor since he knows more details about your condition. I understand you've tried to write down as many symptoms and numbers as possible, but I'm sure your doctor knows more medical details.
My son is 50 and has been a diabetic since age 4. On the 11th of this month he had the following done.Vitrectomy, intracular lens exchange,and membrane stripping laser. Four the past four days he has been a lot of pain and having bad headaches. We seen the dr. Last week he said come back in a week. I’m concerned there is a problem, what would you recommend?
Hello, postoperative review is normal, don't worry, trust your doctor and take his words.
my eye doctor i was ok with a range of 22/24 6 months ago it was21/23 what is your response thank you
1-2 mm Hg variation of eye pressure is generally okay, since eye pressure fluctuates during the day. The variation within a day can be 3-6 mm Hg averagely.
I was told today that I have galcoma in both eyes.I am only 46. Today my eye pressure was 28 in one&20 in the other.I am really scared.we haven't decided what to do next.He is going to talk to a few other doctor's to decide what we will be doing next.
Glaucoma isn't a rare disease, there's a guideline on treatment which each eye doctor has to follow. So wait for the treatment plan from your eye doctor. It should be fine.

When I read the print gets lighter, and then if I squeeze my eyes the dark print comes back again.  What does that mean?

It is most likely to be caused by eye fatigue, since the print gets normal if you exercise your eyes.
I guess it is normal. To be on the safe side, you can get examined by an ophthalmologist. If the result is normal, you should not be concerned.
In fact, there isn’t a single answer to this question.

Eye pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). It can go through daily changes which are considered normal. Actually, every individual and even every eye is different. While the average eye pressure is approximately 15 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury), the range of normal eye pressure is much larger. Generally speaking, about 90% of people will fall between a pressure of 10 and 21. But having an eye pressure of 22 or higher doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an abnormal eye pressure.

Usually, the higher the pressure, the more risk for optic nerve to develop glaucoma. However, some optic nerves can develop glaucoma even at quite low pressures (normal-tension glaucoma). Therefore, it is vital to have the optic nerve examined whatever the pressure may be.