What Are Causes of Rectal Bleeding in Women?

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I am 73 have been having some bleeding when I h ave bowl movement.  . lastone day .   This time it's been 3days  and it's a bright red. It feels like small cuts.
Where is the bleeding? it sound you have hemorrhoids or problem in colon or rectum. You should see a doctor ASAP.
My bleeding is from my rectum only when I have a hard bowel movement.
Do you have abdominal pain? How much is the bleeding? Is the blood on the surface of the stool or mixed in the stool? According to your description, you may have anal fissure or hemorrhoids.
I am a 58year old female I have been experiencing some rectal bleeding the last few days no pain just bleeding and I am worried ?
Take a coloscopy, to rule out certain diseases, please.
Hi, hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, of course other problems can do so too. Suggest you get your primary to check for you.