Some Detailed Information about Spider Bite?

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Was bitten on my forearm 10 days ago by what I thought was a mosquito. It quickly became swollen, hot and about the size of a quarter. You could see within the sore a puncture wound from the bite. By this time I realize this is not a typical mosquito bite. I put bacitracin ointment on it and covered with a large bandaid. The redness from the bite was 2 inches circular around it. The bite itself is starting to heal, but I now have pain that feels like it’s going to my bone. It hurts constantly, I can’t hold a dinner plate in my hand or put a glass in the dishwasher. Do you have any suggestions to what this is and what I should do? The pain is also starting to really hurt when I lift my arm up.
Jacqueline-from what you have described, it sound very similar in the appearance of the bite. It is itchy primarily, but I felt a low grade body ache for a day or two. I don't think mine's was as bad as yours, it's still lingering and I'm just hoping it doesn't get worse. I'm in alabama, which has lots of nasty insects. I have to be on guard just working in the yard. Good luck, I wish you a speedy recovery! Bill T.
Sounds like Brown Recluse bite .My son was bitten in the same place 2 days ago. Go to ER. Apply ice pack for swelling. NO HEAT!
I was bitten by a brown recluse and felt it immediately and it felt like sharp glass. It swelled immediately and went to a surgeon which topped the bite because had two bites one healed over was put on antibiotics and had to wash with soap under shower twice a day put alcohol everyday & hydrogen peroxide every couple of days. It looks like little eggs inside of a round open wound. No scar but painful.
Usually the pain lasts about 24-48 hrs.
Wound care Center / clinic. They deal with this kind of stuff daily.  General PCP do not have the necessary training to deal with this type of injury if its from a bite.
Sometimes, its just a staph infection.  It begins with a tiny dot, it is sudden and mimic insect bites. The pain gets excruciating down to the bone. Usually, a RX for Mupirocin is the best...everyone should have a tube regardless. Good luck. Know how you feel, so painful.
I wish someone would show a photo. I was bitten by something on my thigh. I felt like I have had a low grad fever, for a couple days, although it seems to be getting better. It's red, probably about an inch and a half in diameter and has one, maybe two gang marks. I initially pulled what I thought may have been a small tick off, but I didn't see any legs. Whatever it is has not been painful, but it does itch some, nothing like those damn ant bites! Any ideas? I don't even recall being bitten, but the itch and dull ache was almost enough to call in sick for work. I went. Fyi I'm 67 yrs old and insects and toxic plants have been a nemesis all my life. I love the outdoors, so I guess that's a tradeoff. The absolute worst thing beside, worse for me than the ant bites, was a good dose of Northern California Poison Oak!!
I was bitten  on my left thigh by something  and its swelling up
Same here. What is it?
I went to an urgent care, an hospital emergency room, 3 other appointments with 2 different doctors until the last one was sharp enough and sent me to a wound care specialist who deals with this only.  I was bitten by a yellow sac spider. Similar to brown recluse but the venom is cytotoxic and 27 days later, I have necrosis and a whole in my tight 3 cm circumference and 1/2 inch deep. Necrosis. Wound doctor my friend, good luck. Look at spider bite pictures and google yellow sac. House spider throughout the entire US...I am in Utah