What Is Neck Pain or Cervical Pain?

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I have lung fibrosis and have been suffering servere sweats day nd night and almost passed out I was told it could be a gland in my neck working overtime as I am on 3lt oxygen. I wanted to know what the gland is called if you could help I would appreciate it
Thyroid dysfunction have sweating problems.
Hi @julie Daly, U tii was going ti sat native thyriudm I had hyperparathyroidism, It made me super sleepy and nauseas and lot's of headaches, I was really weak in my body and muscles, my family was sure I was on heroine because I had just gotten off a 30 yr pain pill roll. It nearly destroyed my family. Something to look into anyways. Good luck and God Bless
I have this little throbbing like pain in the back of my left side of the neck with what feels like numbness under my left eye and a little numbness under and around my ear to my jaw. I don't know if I should go to the hospital. The pain isn't major and I can still speak, walk, and smile. ????? I'm scared though.
I think you should go to hospital ,see a Neurologist.
I have a throbbing pain in my left side of my neck. It’ happens about every 2-3 seconds. It started like every 1/2 hour. Under esr pain   Called Kaiser Dr and have appt in 3 days?  It’s painful. Slept a few hours but woke me up about 2 hours later.
Please tell me your gender and age. When did you start to have this symptom? Do you have fatigue or any discomfort within a week before the symptoms appear? Is there a lump on your neck? You can try to feel it by hand. Is there any swelling of the lymph nodes on the right side of the neck? The body temperature is measured when pain occurs. In addition, how is your sleep?
I cant really find a lump on my neck but lymph nodes are swollen on the right side of my neck.  And my sleep patterns are horrible. I feel constant fatigue.
Me too. No matter when I sleep, I wake up between 3-4 am, then feel a lot of discomfort here and there, until 5 am I feel into sleep again. Very tired. When I feel tired, I have a swollen lymph node too, on the right side of neck, under the ear. My doctor said the lymph node is okay, it comes out when I feel tired. I also feel pain in the lymph node. How about you?
I have pain in my neck and can't turn my head. And some back pain.
The incidence of low back pain is as high as 60-80% in the occurrence. In daily life, 20-30% of people are troubled by low back pain. 80-85% of people will improve in 2-3 months, but 60% will relapse. From an evolutionary point of view, humans belong to upright animals, not quadrupeds or long-term sedentary life. Man's actions are accomplished by muscle-driven bones. In fact, in the structural design of the human body itself, we can use perfection to describe it. But the modern lifestyle pushes our body into a painful abyss every day, such as sedentary, bad posture, muscle stiffness or fatigue.
As a result of long-term accumulation, pain begins to occur until some structures of the human body cannot bear too much physical pressure. Massage, acupuncture, hot compress and analgesics have become the usual ways to relieve the problems of slow pain people in society. Although the above methods can relieve pain well, they do not solve the problem originally, because apart from professionals, ordinary people seldom really think about the main source of these pain. Education and exercise therapy are very important for patients with chronic pain. If these can not be done well, patients receiving treatment will have a high recurrence rate of pain until other problems finally arise. Unfortunately, many people still stay at the level of treatment. Because the principle of functional rehabilitation is always to restore the body function to the state before injury, and may even exceed the ability before injury. Whether yoga, Pilates, fitness, Tai chi, or other functional rehabilitation exercises, we do not only see the concept of core muscle groups. Because learning to control your body is the real direction of rehabilitation. Mind and body must fit, so a person's physical fitness is good or bad, can not see a muscle, a joint, a movement performance, but to take into account the whole body.
We often say: do the right thing at the right time. In fact, the human body should also follow the principle that the right time, the
Sorry, I may have commented in the wrong place, so forgive me if I comment twice in error. I "Believe" I may have a pinched nerve in my neck & I don't know what to do for it. I was in an auto accident 5yrs ago. to this day I can't  sleep on my right shoulder & get sudden pains in it. The reason for the injury was the airbag didn't deploy & the seat belt is what kept me back. Until now I felt a bone was out of place etc. It suddenly dawned on me it might be nerve damage. What can I do?
Hi Ms. Beach, did you have a CAT scan on your spine right after the accident? Why did the scan say?
Sorry this is a question not a comment. I just had a episode & im not feeling well. I had surgery for a herniated cervicl disc C5 in 2001 that resulted from a car accident. Recently if I strain or tense up the pain into the back of my head & throbbing is unbearable.  I get severe pain in my stomach area and my arms and legs get very weak. I'm afraid to leave the house because it might happen. What could it be?
Hi, stomach pain is generally not considered to be related to disc herniation. Did you eat irritating food recently to damage your stomach? It is recommended to eat less oil and easy to digest food. If you still have pain, you can go to the gastroenterology department to see a doctor. As for the head and limb discomfort, I suspect that it may be because the cervical disc again protrudes after surgery, compressing blood vessels and nerves. It is recommended to go to the hospital for cervical MRI and head MRI.
Me too. I've been feeling pain on my chest, back and stomach area. I've had GI scopy, MRI on spine, tests for heart attack, there's only degeneration in the spine. I think I've been reading and working on computer too much these days, and I got my neck hurt. That's why the pain of chest and back comes from. But I didn't realize the stomach pain can be another symptom from neck. This made me think I've found the cause of my stomach pain.
After disasters, the wounds that soothe the soul, after disasters, damaged homes are easy to rebuild, physical ailments.
Easy to recover, but the unseen pain that is repressed in the bottom of my heart will last for a long time... Especially after a car accident, how to rebuild mental health is also very important. The main clinical manifestations of PTSD are:
Repetition of traumatic experiences - uncontrollable recall of traumatic experiences, recurring nightmares of traumatic content, recurring delusions or hallucinations, or vividly experiencing the repetition of traumatic events in fantasy.
Persistent heightened alertness - difficulty in falling asleep or waking up, difficulty in concentrating.
Continuous Avoidance - Try not to think about traumatic experiences, avoid activities that may cause painful memories, and avoid places that may cause painful memories.
had shoulder repair  on my right side and they put in a pain blocker  in that same spot my neck have been giving me pain i never got the use of the pain blocker it had leak out of the unit when they send me home with the blocker still hook up now iam having pain in my neck now what when wrong
Hello, can you try to put back the painkiller with a sterile clip or something? If you can't do it yourself, ask the doctor again.
can pinched nerves in neck cause hand pain?
Yes, nerve root C5-C8 in the neck can lead to hand pain, numbness and tingling feeling.
Hello, I have been told that I have a pinched nerve in my neck, the pain is in the shoulder , that goes down my arm to my hand, I received some injections in my neck about two weeks ago, and ended up having a headache up the back of my head on the left side, I have degenerative disc disorder, with bulging discs throughout my spine , what treatment should I be looking into ? the injections did not seem to help.
Hello Mrs. Schwartz, the last resort is the surgery. A pinched nerve is a nerve being compressed by the surrounding tissues. The purpose of the surgery is to remove the compressing tissue. Other treatment options include: anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs), oral corticosteroids(reducing swelling), narcotics(pain relief), steroid injection(you've tried), physical therapy(strengthening the muscle), splint(limiting motions to relax the muscle).
Th e side of my neck hurts bad and it goes behind my ear and also goes to my shoulder it makes it have a vibrating feeling
Nowadays many people have problems with the neck.
It sounds like mastoiditis, Mastoiditis is a bacterial infection of the mastoid air cells surrounding the inner and middle ear. You'll need antibiotics.