What Is Neck Pain or Cervical Pain?

13 Answers

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I was told that I have bulging muscles in my right shoulder. It hurts bad and goes up the side of my neck. I have had this pain for 23 years after severe physical abuse that almost killed me Can you please tell me what bulging muscles are.
Injured or torn muscles will recover in months, if it lasts for 23 years the cause of the pain can't be the muscles.

Try this easy move to relieve your neck pain. You can do this anytime.



Lately, researchers found that certain mind-body therapies can reduce pain, as well as reduce opioid use, among patients treated with prescription opioids.

Mind-body therapies focus on changing behavior and the function of the brain with the goal of improving quality of life and health. Mind-body therapies include clinical use of meditation/mindfulness, hypnosis, relaxation, guided imagery, therapeutic suggestion and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In their study, they found that meditation/mindfulness, hypnosis, therapeutic suggestion and cognitive-behavioral therapy all demonstrated significant improvements in pain severity. They also found that the majority of the meditation/mindfulness, therapeutic suggestion and cognitive-behavioral therapy studies showed improvements in opioid use or misuse.