Can You Show Me Different Pictures of Spider Bites?

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My spider bites , not as bad , showing in those pictures, but still itchy , I never see any spider oroun the room ,  are spiders come out at night.?
Dear, since you haven't seen a spider, how can you be sure that it is a spider bite? I don't know why I can't see the photo you said here, but if you haven't had a similar bite before, I suggest you look at the dermatologist. wish you health.
Elbow swelling and hot
Unless you look on ceilings and walls, which is where I see them from time to time,you may not see them.I have become good at killing them, especially where my 6 year old Grandson lives with me, I don't want him getting bitten, but I think I may have been bitten by one now, but can't find a picture of a bite to know for sure! Always look around like I said,most people never look around their surroundings!
Why don't you upload a picture of your own instead of trying to find a similar one from tons of spider bite pics? Someone could surely help you.
Could you show pictures of a spider bite.
I found pictures of brown recluse spider bites at
The freaks come out at night with the spiders. So yes, spiders are more active at night.
Patty. Lawle
I discovered as I raised my arm a purple bruise felt like bump, reddish in the middle bluish around it, it feels like a little bump I. The middle, just cpncerned
I have a bite mine is hot tender and I have flaky skin over the spot it started off by being a not but hard then really soft. And. Hot does it sound like a spider bite?
I'm getting bit by tiny black mites. What can i do about it.
If you don't have strong allergic reaction, manage the pain or itchy feeling with OTC ointments, and do prevention of being bit again.
Pictures of spider bites.
I have a spider bite on my ear.l have had it for 2months still puple and very painful.any advice?. Pamela Southern
This is too long for a bite to still be giving you these problems. See a dermatologist soon.
This is too long for a bite to still be causing you problems. See a dermatologist soon.
Sorry for the duplication. This is all new to me