What Is Rectal Leakage?

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I had a colonoscopy a year ago, found nothing but still have rectal leakage now going on for several years, I’m only 60
Dr gave meds for irrational bowl syndrome but nothing helps
Sometimes it’s watery sometimes hard stool
But I can’t control it
I am sorry to hear from your. your problem is anal fistula?Anal fistula can not heal itself. If there is no treatment, the rectal anal canal abscess will be repeated, so surgery must be performed. The principle of treatment is to completely remove the original lesion of the infection, cut the fistula all the way to make it flow smoothly, form an open wound, and promote healing. There are many surgical methods. The operation should be based on the position of the internal mouth and the relationship between the fistula and the anal sphincter. The key to surgery is to minimize the damage of the anal sphincter, prevent anal incontinence, and avoid recurrence of anal fistula.
you should go to the hospital to find out.
Try to talk Dr who is female or women. Call your health insurance to find a right doctor.
Very uncomfortable. After I go to bathroom, some days it leaks and I have a bloody rash from constantly going back to bathroom . Can I do anything to stop this?
Hi Ms. Langster, if you have bloody leakage you'll need to get examination. Rectal leakage happens to women who had vaginal childbirth, but bloody leakage is a different matter. It's either blood from the hemorrhoids or the colon. If the blood comes from the colon, you need to know what makes it happen.
Sometime doctor do not listen patient about bowel movement. Second time to visit doctor again if again. Take a photo from your cellphone and show the doctor.