Wolf Spider Bite VS Camel Spider Bite

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Something bit me Sunday, the area is very red about the size of a half dollar in the middle were what looked like skin prick but as the day wore on it almost looked like there was a fluid inside.  This is on my lower cheek.  Painful, very itchy, am treating it polysporin.  If it doesn’t start to go away I guess it’s a trip to the doctor.  Any suggestions????
Hello, have you been bitten by any creatures recently, such as mosquitoes, spiders, etc? It is recommended that you use a clean and sterilized pointed object to puncture the mass and release the liquid inside. Then it is best to go to the hospital to check if there is any virus in the body. Wishing for health.
Cheryl, First, do you have a fever? Often 1st sign of an infection... Do you live in an area known for venomous spiders, (black widow, recluse, for example)? The dot in the middle is probably the puncture point where your skin was pierced. The, "fluid" is probably a build up of white cells, etc.trying to fight germs that the spider introduced into your body. Please, don't puncture or squeeze this as an attempt to rid the fluid.  This could introduce harmful germs into your blood stream and cause septicemia,(blood poisoning).
Antibiotic ointments are not going to get to the source of the infection since you describe it as closed. No heat, no ice unless directed by your physician. Oral, or IV antibiotics are what your physician will prescribe depending on the severity of the infection.
Good luck, Cheryl. Please consult your physician as soon as you can.  I hope you get well soon.
Umm well my mom has a spider bite and it caused blisters all over her body she sleeps a lot more and she is always cold she refused to go to the doctor and get a treatment and medi in for them I'm beginning tho get worried please let me know what to do
GET HER TO A DR OR HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY! She has poison going through her body!!
Hi Brileigh, take your mum to ER right away please, she's having allergic reaction. It can be serious.
I was bitten by something. I don’t know what but it’s getting bigger by the day redder I’ve had fever and now  diarrhea . Any suggestions please.
Go to the hospital and get rehydrated and treated for fever.
In response to Irvin Willingham: response to Cheryl Boyd. I was always told not to open any kind of raised bump, or pimple, if it is infected you, can spread that infection further into your body and get incrediably sick.  You should go to the docter and have them check it out first. They are more qualified on how to handle those kind've things!
Nurse J, you are amazing. Thank you for clear, simple, concise response. No folklore, just practical advice. As a retired RN I am often asked about, well anything and everything. I feel it’s a gift from God to be able to help. You are a gift from God. ~ Donna Day, Servant of God
About spider bites I have a red spot on my stomach and it's surrounded by yellow like a bruise kinda itchy sore , what to do
Home treatment for spider bite:
Clean the bite with mild soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection.
Apply a cool damp cloth to the bite. This helps reduce pain and swelling.
If the bite is on an arm or leg, elevate it.
Take an over-the-counter pain reliever as needed.
Observe the bite for signs of infection.
Can you get a rash from spider bite
Yes, that's possible. It is easy to get a rash around cellulitis caused by spider bites.
Okay i have a red bump on my leg its for a dark reddish circle around it and in the middle of that bump there is a whitish ring on the inside. It hurts and its really itchy and since it happened I have been getting cramps. In my leg any advice
Sorry, more information is needed. Can you show me the picture? Different bumps have different causes and treatments. Most skin bumps are harmless and aren’t causes for concern. However, you should see your doctor if:
skin bumps change or worsen in appearance, or last for a long time
you are in pain or they cause discomfort
you don’t know the cause of the bumps
you suspect you have an infection or skin cancer

Your doctor will perform a physical examination and inspect the skin bumps. Expect to answer questions about your bumps, medical history, and lifestyle habits.

Your doctor may also perform a skin biopsy to test if the skin bump is cancerous. This procedure involves taking a small sample of skin tissue from the affected area for analysis. Depending on the results, your doctor may refer you to a dermatologist or other specialist for further evaluation.
I have bump and hurts when I touch it. Didn't have it before I'm starting to get weak and chills threw my body.
It might be an infection that makes you feel cold. You should go to the hospital for a blood test.
Sounds like a brown recluse bite. Better get to a doc.
I think my leg has been irritated for less than a week. The sore is now the size of my palm. Hard in the center about half dollar size. Where the lite pink that surrounds the sore the skin looks like it is raised around that. I cleaned it last night and applied a mud made from powder to it last night and taped it.  Seemed a little better in the morning but almost the same tonight. Took a benadryl tonight and applied the mud again. The mud worked amazing on a infect ant bite I had faught for 2 weeks. Made it totally go away after 2 treatments. Worried about leg beening so hard.
I was bit by a brown recluse spider five months ago near my ankle and it has just formed a scab. The brown recluse will cause the wound to ulcerate and eat the flesh. I have gone through an awful ordeal with it. Mine got infected and I developed a staph infection from it and had necrosis. Yours sounds like a more poisonous one. Did you see a doctor? You are definitely infected. Only doctors can help with your leg! Good luck to you!