What Is Rectal Mucus?

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I have a white  Mucas that comes out of my butt and when I sit down I feel it coming out and I can't lay one my back when I sleep what's wrong with me
you may have infection, you should see a Anorectalist.
What is rectal mucus discharge?
Is there over the counter meds to treat this, had passing gas with clear slimy mucus..Should I be alarmed? Had Hernia surgery on pass Monday, dont know if having anything to do with it..
Better see your Dr. Gotta know what the mucus is.
For two weeks i've had a lot of gas with mucus after i pee especially in the morning for quite a few hours. Also happens after i eat then my stomach bothers me.
I have mucus discharge from my rectum.is there anything over the counter i can use.
What is rectal mucus?
May I ask the amount of the mucus? If there are copious amounts of discharge, it is abnormal and you should see a rectal surgeon. There are no specific drugs used to treat rectal discharge.