Some Information about Normal Blood Pressure?

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my blood pressure has been in the 150's over high 40's to mid 50's.  What are the risk for the bottom number being less than 60?
how old are you ?If you are  beyond 60s years old  and don't have uncomfortable feelings, it's ok . don't worry. it's normal in elderly.
I am 88 years blood pressure ranges 140-145 over 68-75...need I be concerned?
it's ok , don' t worry at all.
K my blood pressure is 122over 75 is that good
yes, it's very good.
I am 81 years old and My blood pressure is 189/100 should I be concern?
yes, you should be concerned. first, measure your blood pressure 3 times a day(8:00 am; 16:00pm; 21:00pm or before sleep). if they are at this level, you should be concerned and see a cardiologist. otherwise,it may lead to stroke.
Is 116/76 for a 80 old woman good or bad
They are all in the normal rage. If you don't feel any uncomfort, no need to worry.