Can You Show Me Different Charts of Blood Pressure?

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How bad is 181/129
Need to low the pressure quickly.Or may cause cerebral bleeding.
Is 152/70 blood pressure high
Yes, your systolic blood pressure is higher than the upper limit of normal (140). You can start with a low-salt and low-fat diet and exercise more. If it's still high, you should seek medical treatment from a doctor.
I have always had normal blood pressure readings but the last two days I have had fluxuating pressure readings. 155:90, 137/85,121/70, 143/80 yesterday; today 151/87, 165/92.  I started a cleanse (Açaí berry easy cleanse) yesterday so possibly this is interfering with blood pressure???
Dear, the correct way to measure blood pressure is as follows, I look forward to helping you:
a. measured at the same time every day
1. Measure once in the morning, middle and night
2. When you wake up in the morning and feel good
3. After a few minutes of urination, there is no urine
b. Avoid the following measurements
× before and after exercise
× Within 1 hour after a meal
× Before and after drinking, coffee and black tea
× before and after smoking
c. Environment
◎ Keep room temperature around 20 °C
◎ There is no noise and quiet place around
Because there are many factors that affect blood pressure changes, these variables should be reduced as much as possible to measure.
d. Relaxing mood
◎ Rest at least 5 minutes before the measurement, take a few deep breaths, relax
e. Correct measurement posture
◎ Sitting on the chair, straight back
◎ The arm band should be tied tightly
◎ The arm band should be at the same height as the heart
f. Precautions for measuring blood pressure
1. Do not smoke or drink coffee within 30 minutes before measurement, emptying the bladder.
2. Rest at least 5 minutes before measuring, keep your mood calm and take a deep breath.
3. The upper arm is bare as much as possible. If you wear too much or too thick clothes, it can cause the measured blood pressure to be high.
4. Use a cuff that suits you. For children and lean adults, use a small cuff that is 18 cm long and 12 cm wide; for obese or large arms, use a large cuff that is 4Ocm long and 12cm wide.
5, sitting position to measure blood pressure. When measuring blood pressure, it should be measured by sitting position. The upper arm can be placed on the support or the elbow of the arm to be tested can be held by hand so that it is on the same surface as the heart.
6. Keep quiet during the measurement process, don't talk.
7, the factors that cause changes in blood pressure are: movement, mental state, feelings, diet, drinking, urination, defecation, conversation, environmental changes, temperatu
How bad is 121/66
it's normal. No need to worry.
Blood pressure 151/74 is that normal
NO. It's higher than normal. Normal range: 90-140/60-90mmHg. Your systolic blood pressure (the top number) is higher than the upper limit. If both the top and bottom numbers are above the normal, I'd suggest you see a doctor and take drugs.
What does threads mean when taking blood pressure plus other terminology
In capital? THREAD - Thyroid, Heart, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Epilepsy, Asthma Or Diabetes
I take 3 BP reading all different my BP was 121/86/82 is that bad
You don't have to worry about your blood pressure in terms of the numbers you give. It is good.