Is Cellulitis Relative to MRSA Infection?

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I have had history of MRSA (MERSA) Staph &  Cellulitis. Very painful. Right now I have Cellulitis & it looks like knots on my skin  & very painful to the touch. I've tried everything, nothing helps. It itches at times, burns at times. I've had a long medical history. Lostcount @48 surgeries by the year 2000 ( I quit counting. Survived cancer twice, a massive heart attack (Widow Maker) I was unaware of for . Not stints were needed. I'm truly Blessed. If someone can help me with the cellulitis, I would really really appreciated so much. The knots are so Very very very painful. Again, Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a Great and Blessed Day today. Sincerely, Terry O. Paris
how do you know it's cellulitis? it's a infection by bacteria, anti-biotics should be used carefully. I think you should see a doctor ASAP.
Terry, I am currently in the hospital with cellulitis (the 13th or 14th time) and just found out I have MRSA.  You definitely should go to the dr or hospital because the infection could kill you if left untreated.   I've never had knots on my skin, but the redness on my leg hurts and when I try to walk, my calves are so tight and hurts so bad.