Can You Show Me Some Pictures of MRSA Infection?

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What kind of rash does MRSA. Look like
Small red bump, pimple, or boil. The area may be tender, swollen, or warm to the touch.
Very painful and rock hard and the dr. Says we can't drain it until it soften up
What does MRSA look like?
What do MRSA pimples look like?
I didn't have a lump or pimple.Not a pimple either.Just an itch that drove me crazy.I couldn't not scratch it either.Then, I scratched it so long & so hard, that I had blood running does my arm.More than once.Is this a sign of needs or what?
My daughter has the very same symptoms and it has spread up her leg, the doctor that she seen could not diagnose it, he put her on antibiotics, is this MRSA or staph ?
Hi, Amanda, this is a sign that you should see a dermatologist. It could possibly be just eczema or something else.
Hi, Brenda, MRSA is easy to diagnose, simply by taking a swab to the lab. As your doctor could not diagnose it, it suggests that it is virtually not MRSA.
Or he didn't culture it. .   .