Diastolic Blood Pressure VS Systolic Blood Pressure

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My blood pressure is out of control. It zigzags from as high as 183/66,to 170/73--- 156/64
I'm taking 3 types of medications for my B/P issues. Nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?
Please exclude secondary hypertension.
Take immunocal packets 4per day( 2 in the morning & 2 in the evening) for 1-2months. watch and see how your bp will significsntly improve. I know because I'm experiencing it now. in fact, I just checked my bp this morning it was 117/72(left arm) 121/74 (right arm) with no meds. when I was taking my meds (2pills per day) it was avg 145/95. I got these results after taking immunocal 3weeks. now after 6weeks I'm not taking any meds , that is as long as my bp stays normal. Go ahead its your choice you won't be disappointed. 201 314-7557 Kenny (Btw, I don't sell this product, but I can direct you where you can purchase it)
Is diastolic blood pressure 63 is it a good reading.
it's normal. don't worry.
My systolic is 82 and my diastolic  is 58.  Almost every morning.  This morning it was 77/54 .
Need answers please.
do you have any symptoms?if you don't feel uncomfortable, no need to worry. besides,do you have heart problems?
If you have uncomfortable feelings, you should see a cardiologist.
My blood pressure is 142/102. Should I be seeing a doctor?
yes ,you should. see if there is any reanson for this and change the factors affecting blood pressure.
my blood pressure was 148/ 54 . I am feeling dizzy and lightheaded . My blood sugar was 113 which is fairly normal.
Your blood pressure has a slightly higher systolic blood pressure and a slightly lower diastolic blood pressure. The pulse pressure difference is too big. This is generally the case in the elderly, mainly due to the decrease in blood vessel elasticity, which further leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain. You need to go to the hospital early to check the blood vessels and head CT. Fortunately your blood sugar is normal.
I'm 35 and on blood pressure meds but my blood pressure daily still run really high at 180/120. I have really bad headaches that make me have sharp pains that run down my arms and legs and makes me have chest pain.  What can I do about this.
have you see a cardiologist? what kind of drugs do you have? how many kind drugs do you have? if you have 3 kind drugs  and your BP still runs to 180/120., you should do test to exclude secondary hypertension. My sugguestion is measure your Bp 3 times a day and record. see your doctor again and adjust medications. If it's still high, more tests should be done to find out the reason.
I have lived with high blood pressure all my life. Heart specialist & other Dr. said I am one of those people who should not have what they call  normal.  It used to be I the 18o's over 80 or 90. I fiinally got it down to 140-150 over 72-79., and I feel great.  I am going to be 84 this month and I have worked 65 yrs of that without missing any work.  Now these Drs. are insisting I get my blood pressure down to 115 over whatever. Everytime they give me 4 or five different medications, I"m either in bed or on couch. They have so many side effects I might as well be gone.  Help
140-150 over 72-79 is ok for a 84-year old man.
I forgot to add before I hit the   button, I have had a heart murmur & irregular heart beat since I a was a small child.  6 months ago I was diagnosed with A.Fib.  Am on Eliquis and it is working very well.
It's proper medication for A.Fib.  It's necessary to do the regular follow-up with your cardiologist. Be careful about the skin mucosal bleeding sign. Avoid injury.
You must not have got my first one.  I have had high blood pressure all my life land my normal blood pressure for the last 10 yrs has been 140-150 over 75-80.  For 30 yrs it was 180-190 over 90. I have worked 60= years with that blood pressure and l never had to miss a days work.  Now  the Drs. where I live now seem to think I should have  should have what they say is normal.  I have lived with this for almost all of  my 84 yrs.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life in bed or on the couch because of all the side effects and not being able to do anything. I still do all my own house work laundry shopping and everything. How can I make  that shouldn't have what they call normal blood pressure.  What should I do?  I'm tired of trying all these new drugs that have so many side effects, I don't feel human
Your blood pressure is  high.  You will benefit from the anti-hypertensive drugs. Many people take drugs to lower the blood pressure. Side effects are rare.
My blood pressure is 158/98 and i am diabetic Type 2 what do i need to do
See a cardiologist. In the mean time try eating foods that aid in lowering blood pressure. Beets, bananas, salmon, Sweet Potatoes, garlic, Quinoa, kale, tuna, grilled chicken,and beans.