What Is the Normal Blood Pressure Range by Age?

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My husband is 70 years old. His blood pressure runs high on top and low on bottom. He is a heart patient I am concerned if this is dangerous.
have a healthy lifestyle and diet. BP in elderly is flunctuating very much.  try to have a 24 hour monitoring of Bp ,and see a cardiologist and get the right drugs.
My husband is 75 and his blood pressure is 162/95 pulse 66. Is there  concern with this.
My blood pressure was 142/69/64 Is this ok?
Hi Ann, normal blood pressure is below 140/90, normal heart rate is 60-100. Your BP reading is slightly higher. The way of measuring BP, is after 5 minutes rest, measure it, record, for three times a day, then calculate the average. If your daily average is below 140/90, you can start with healthier lifestyle, limit your salt intake to 2300 mg per day, eat more fruits/vegetables, see if the it goes lower. When the daily average continuously goes beyond 140/90, you need to start on oral BP medication.
Hi Ann, normal BP is below 140/90, normal heart rate is 60-100. As you can see, the blood pressure is slightly higher. However, to measure your BP, you always take 5 minutes rest, test and record, repeat 3 times a day, calculate the average. If your daily average is around 140/90, you can start with reducing sodium intake to 2300 mg per day, eating more vegetables and fruits, see if the blood pressure comes down. If it doesn't, you need to consider starting on oral BP medication.
I am 71, weight is about 200 lbs with a blood pressure of 190 over 110. Is that high?
Your way too high. At risk for a stroke or heart attack.
Normal BP is 120/80 if it goes up regularly that’s prehypertension. If it goes up more than 140/90 regularly that’s hypertension. Talk to your doctor. Lifestyle change maybe needed and eating habits. Avoid salty food
I would go to ER with that readings.
Debbie, your hus' BP is too high, he needs medication.
If you have BP 190/110, you need to go to ER. Any top number above 180 is a hypertension crisis, it's dangerous, ER is recommended and immediately.
My husband is 75 and his blood pressure is 162/95 pulse 66. Is there  concern with this.
Does he feel any discomfort? A lower BP will be better for him, like 150/90 mmHg. One time read of blood pressure is not reliable. The best way is to test  BP 3+ times  every day and record the readings, when you see a cardiologist, the record will be very informative and helpful. If possible, see a cardiologist every year.
Mom, 94 age, blood Pressure 137\93, with heart rate of 90. Should I be concerned?
I could say,her blood pressure and heart rate are all in the normal range.
Is 166 over 94 good or bad
Hi Larry, 166/94 is a very high reading. I'll suggest that you get a cardiologist to evaluate and give you medical treatment. Before that, you'd try to reduce half of your daily salt intake.
I’m a 29 yr old black male I’m 5’10” in height 196 lbs. is my weight and my blood pressure is 146/81 my BMI is 29.86 pulse 80 Temperature Is 98.1 . With this knowledge does anything seem out of the Ordinary? I googled my blood pressure and by only going off of the word of google I would have hypertension And wouldn’t know.
Hello Marquis, temperature is normal, BMI 29.86 means you're overweight, try to lower it down to 25. BP is high, pulse is normal but a bit fast for your age, this could relate to your high BP. At your age, you should be able to benefit by healthy diet and weight management. Cut fast food off if you do like them, cut half of your salt intake, do more exercise every day, lose weight. Normally when you do so, the BP will come down, your pulse will come down accordingly. Remember, it's healthier to stay hungry.
No don't stay hungry. Eat smaller meals have 3 meals a day and 3 healthy veggies and fruits to snack on. Drink more water and excersise more to boost your metabolism. Never starve yourself!!!
Don't give him false advice. NEVER STARVE YOURSELF!!!!
It's OK to eat less, but do not starve yourself. You can lose some weight by eating less and healthy and/or exercising, and your blood pressure would get better(perhaps become normal). Try to make your BMI around 24 gradually.
i just had a blood pressure test done and it reads 217 over 127 over 106 can anyone tell me what this means
Hi, your blood pressure is in a dangerous range. I think you need go to ER, get some medication and lower the BP to an acceptable range before you see a cardiologist.
My BP is 123/49 and pulse 36. I am  59 yrs old on Peritoneal dialysis.  Are these numbers too low
you pulse rate is bradycardia needs to be above 50. You need to seek medical attention.
I am 63 years old I am 5 4 what is a normal blood pressure for me
A normal blood pressure is from 90/60 to 140/90.
Age 58
The standard value is 131/86 mmHg; BP is normal in the range of 90-140/60-90 mmHg.
Do you have dizziness, fatigue, etc.? If not, keep monitoring. Your systolic blood pressure is in the normal range. You don't need to worry.