Can You Show Me a List of Blood Pressure Medicines?

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My Dr has me on Irbesartan hydrochlorothiazide. Is this blood pressure
yes, it is. It's a nice drug.
yes and a water pill
yes, it is. It's a nice drug.
Does it make you cough
My friend is on Lopressor and Lisinopril for High Blood, her age is 65. She wants to get a tattoo and they told her they couldn't do it, but if she goes off these two medications for a week then they can do it! I FEEL THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! PLEASE help me help her.
Why  would your friend take this risk? It's not only about the hypertension, there is a chance for HIV and HBV infection, which is dangerous.
If she stops the BP meds for a week, there's a risk of BP going up suddenly, causing heart attack or stroke. It's too risky. Besides, those tattoo paper, which you can apply on the skin with some water, and wash away with soap, are pretty good. There're so many to choose from, you can change one every week, cost like 0.1 dollar each time. I got a red rose on my arm, it lasts fro 3 days, before the rose I had an EKG image on my chest, pretty cool. There's an alternative, so why take the risk?
Does it make you cough
Yes, cough is a common side effect of Hydrochlorothiazide-irbesartan. It may be cough, dry cough, with or without sputum.