What Are the Basics of Appendicitis?

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My son is currently complaining of a pain on his right side (he thinks it's his appendix).  Being it is the weekend and not wanting to pay for a high exergency bill...what major signs should I be looking at before I have to take him to be looked at?  He is 21, 5'9 and currently weighs 260 lbs.
The main symptom of appendicitis is that the patient has metastatic right lower abdominal pain and is the symptom that most patients will develop. In addition, patients will also have some symptoms of digestive tract, such as nausea and vomiting, and some patients may have systemic symptoms such as fever, jaundice, and hepatomegaly. The signs of appendicitis are mainly manifested as fixed tenderness in the right lower quadrant. Moreover, if the patient's appendicitis symptoms are relatively heavy, the patient may experience tenderness, rebound tenderness, and muscle tension in the right lower quadrant. If the patient's appendicitis is purulent, gangrene, perforation, there will be signs of peritonitis, such as fever, bloating, and tenderness, rebound tenderness, muscle tension, and even can not touch. Therefore, once the patient has symptoms and signs of appendicitis, he or she needs to go to the hospital for a timely visit and then undergo surgery.
Thank you for your information my mom didn't want to go and I showed her your information and she went.
WOW that's so great!! Now I truly believe we should all have information and knowledge shared. How's your mom now? Got the diagnosis?