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When you have dimension do you cuss people out do you not take care of your body do you go back in the past do you stop eating do you be angry all the time do you talk about what you did for that person back in the day
Hello, the early manifestation of dementia is close to memory loss. For example, forget what you just did, have time orientation obstacles, and even can't find the way home. Progressive memory impairment and directional impairment were gradually aggravated. In the late stage, patients lose the ability to take care of themselves, and their ability to identify time, place and characters is further reduced. Emotions also change gradually, with depression, negativity or restlessness.
These can be symptoms of dementia, I will not say early stage. It's a developed stage.
My grandma, she's 89, she can't recognize us, often call me my sister's name, or vice versa. It's sad to be old and confused.