Can Sinus Infection Affects Ear?

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I've long had a problem when eating and my sinuses. Some times a piece of the food will get lodged in my nose. I have my tonsils still at age 58.  I had reacurring tonsilitus when I was I grade school. Pockets are left that don't help the situation. Recently my left hear has begun ringing its getting louder and almost completely continuous. My hearing is bad has been on that side. Mirical Ear did heating test and said there was something wrong but hearing aid won't help. My doc.  put me on thyroid meds without even mentioning the word. What's wrong with me.
you may have many health problems,but thay are all not dangerous. If the reacurring tonsilitus bothers you very much, you can have it removed. I am not sure the ear ringing is related to  tonsilitus. the most important thing you should do is to monitoring thyroid function by blodd test. Be careful of symptoms of Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.
Have the doctor check you for Eagles Syndrome.  I had constant ringing in my ears and it progressed to a feeling of fullness in my ears.  There are other symptoms but they vary from person to person.  Check out the site they have a section devoted to Eagles.  Good luck
What couses fungus in your ear
Two common causes of ear fungi are contaminated water and continued use of topical antibacterial products.