Seizure Disorder VS Epilepsy

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i have sarcoidosis  last night i woke up vomiting  than had uncontrollably shakig i felt like i had a temperture and had terrific back pain barely could stand up is this a seizure
Hello, epilepsy has a variety of clinical manifestations, but all have the following characteristics: 1 sudden onset of symptoms, sudden recovery after a period of time. 2 episode duration is very short, usually a few seconds or minutes, no more than half an hour. 3 it will repeat Attack.4 The clinical manifestations of each episode are the same. From what you said there seems no proof of it. So will sugget to treat sarcoidosis first.
A seizure can last longer than a half hour.
Very true! because when I was younger I had some seizures last between 5mins all the way up to 3hours.they had to put me in a coma to stop it.
I have seizure disorder can the medication I'm on cause deminca?
Deminca? Did you spell it correctly? What medicine are you taking? How long have you been taking it? You'd better list the names of the drugs.
Uhh!!! I'm buy no means trying to be disrespectful in anyway but I think the way u responded to the last person was totally unprofessional now days these phone have auto correct sittings an have the time if you dont pay attention to the spelling it can through people off but back to what my to what I'm trying to say is that if you are a DOCTOR!! Responding to that message you dont apparently need to have your licenses an if your not then you need to keep your thoughts to your self their people out here really needing advice an not "SMART" *** comments just becaus someone might have misspelled a word. I TRULY HOPE YOU AREN'T A PROFESSIONAL!!!!
Well, he asked for the name of the drug. That makes me think he's trying to help. Generally, medications would not cause dementia, although some studies found drugs such as sleep aids and hay-fever treatments, can increase the risk of dementia in certain circumstances.