Seizure Disorder VS Epilepsy

2 Answers

i have sarcoidosis  last night i woke up vomiting  than had uncontrollably shakig i felt like i had a temperture and had terrific back pain barely could stand up is this a seizure
Hello, epilepsy has a variety of clinical manifestations, but all have the following characteristics: 1 sudden onset of symptoms, sudden recovery after a period of time. 2 episode duration is very short, usually a few seconds or minutes, no more than half an hour. 3 it will repeat Attack.4 The clinical manifestations of each episode are the same. From what you said there seems no proof of it. So will sugget to treat sarcoidosis first.
I have seizure disorder can the medication I'm on cause deminca?
Deminca? Did you spell it correctly? What medicine are you taking? How long have you been taking it? You'd better list the names of the drugs.
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