Can You Show Me Some Pictures of a Normal and a Sick Esophagus?

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How safe is esophageal stretching procedure for my 98 year old father?
You should consult to the operator.
My 14 year old daughter has barrets . its terrible trying to find foods she can eat . she first cade of a 14 yr old ever reported in need of a procedure that will burn the inside to close the sores and burns but finding a dr to proform it has been exhausting
Hello, I am deeply sympathetic to your daughter's experience. Is she a columnar epithelium of the embryonic stage of the lower esophagus caused by the congenital columnar epithelium not completely replaced by the squamous epithelium? Is there any treatment currently available? She is still young and is advised to receive current medical treatment and endoscopic treatment if physical conditions permit.
Omg that’s horrible ! Have you looked in U Of M hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan ?
I was diagnosed with Zline abnormality and moderate inflammation with an esophageal bleb by EGD. I have a history of breast cancer age 32 & 45. I am now 64. Can I assume it is a leiomyoma by its appearance or is an esophageal ultrasound a necessity? The cost is extremely high.
I suppose you get the diagnosis of Zline abnormality from a Biopsy after an esophagoscopy or endoscopy. As long as it's the outcome of biopsy, the diagnosis is acute. I don't know why an esophageal ultrasound is necessary, unless there's something else in your previous test. It seems like medication is not necessary, depending on your description of  Zline abnormality. But, a regular follow-up is needed.
I have achalasia with esophageal stricture that causes pain after eating, no nausea or vomiting, just sub stern al pain which radiates into my throat & nose.  My doctor prescribed Donnatal, which costs $320/4 oz. Recently my pain after eating has become so severe that I require this rx daily. I cannot find any treatment for  this. Can u recommend anyone anywhere who specializes in this condition?
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