Liver Cirrhosis - how to eat

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I have hep c and ascites and cirrous of liver i will be starting eculsca for the hep c will this eating habits help my liver
A healthy diet always helps. Epclusa-sofosbuvir/velpatasvir might make you feel tired, taking more fruits/vegetables and good protein can keep you less exhausted.
Eculsca is a compound medication for the treatment of hypatitis C....It is what I was treated with for my hypatitis C....I took it for 6 months with no side effects and no longer have hypatitis C...
When you start to take eculsca, you can check your face in the mirror every morning and night, if you find your face look dim and grey it means your liver is under huge burdon, at this time you need more green leafy veggie, more citric like orange, lemon, and good protein like egg white, low fat diary, yogurt. Do not eat processed foods, or any foods with preservatives, they all put extra burdon to your liver.

this is Jean jorgensen 

I have liver Cirrhosis and what am I going to do with the Cirrhosis liver?
Help me how getting better 
Because I too much tired and dizzy, moody alot..