Some Photos of Plantar Warts?

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I believe that what I have is planters wart it's on the ball of my foot closest to my pinkie toe it's Calais and has a hole with redness around it really really painful to stand or walk on. When I was kid I had them bad and remember having them frozen and the skin where the treatments were just flaked and peeled off I'm 45 now why all of a sudden have they returned?
Hello Mr. Lucas, plantar wart is from viral infection, adults can get infected too. If it is actually a plantar wart, the treatment is almost the same as in the past. Use acid to peel it off, or just leave it alone it'll disappear in several months to years. But you're feeling discomfortable at walking so better get it handled.
Warts on the fingers
I also had a wart on my hand. I used Wartrol.
I had severe burn trama as a child and have what I believe are planters warts since infantry. A callis on ball of my foot nearest my pinky toe and is painful to even touch. I have been picking this thing down to what appears to be a seed looking hard core and sometimes picking down to bleeding and always returns a week or so later. Very painful. Anyone know how to get gone once and for all. I am 44 and have been dealing with this for life.
Have you see a dermatologist and have a clear diagnosis of this? According to your description, there is a big chance for clavus. Since this have affected your life very much, you should see a dermatologist to get a clear diagnosis and proper medication.
If it's actually a wart, you can use OTC medicine to get it removed. I think it's called wart removal or similar. However you need to make sure it's a wart.
I had a couple of warts 10 years ago, quite similar to what you said, I also tried to remove them, on the surface there are dead skin that I can remove without any pain, there's something hard core there, if I use a knife it bleeds. I don't know what happened, in a couple of years they just went away before I even noticed.
I had them as a kid also and had them froze also but they came back. As they are just like a fungus I soaked my foot in lysol and warm water 30 minutes twice a day for about a week and they never came back. It might be hard to find but if you can it was in a dark brown bottle back in the day. Hope it works for you.
My husband had a cluster of plantar warts for for a number of years, and he tried freezing treatment and garlic but they didn't work, so he switched to use vidarox (a new kind designed for all types of warts) and got the best results.
Is Vidarox for real? I had a feeling it's a spam the moment I saw its ad.
Guess it helps. I'm using vidarox cream for genital warts and it seems to work, 4 in 5 warts have been cleared up and discomfort has disappeared.
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Go to the podiatrist
No u need acid removal of it to get rid of it for good I had the same thing you did trust me
Use the freeze away wart remover it definitely sounds like the plantar warts I've had in the past