What Is Emphysematous Cystitis?

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Need more information in bladder disorders. I have always had issues and the pain and infections are nonstop anymore. I have several autoimmune diseases and was told I have interstial cystis years ago. I was recently told by an ER nurse on my last trip there that that is NOT an autoimmune disease.  No treatments ever help. The infections subside but within 2 days of my antibiotics completion it comes back. The pain gets so bad at times it is painful to sit or even lay down.  I was told I need a Gyno-urologist but I can't find one. Another issue pertaining to this is 1) it is very painful at anytime to have a cath, even if it is not bladder related, as in having a surgery and they cath me, I know it as I wake up hurting in that area. 2) I was born with a very small urethra and have had to have it dilated numerous times in my life, beginning at the age of 7. 3) All of my portals, nostrils, ears, vagina, etc are very small, Drs have always had to use a pediatric instruments on me. I once had a somewhat sex life, but it would be painful at times, as I have gotten older and having a hysterectomy some years back I have gotten so very small in that area that a Dr not listening to me tried the adult speculum which if course was not going to happen. He did not have a child's one at that time. I went to a gyno and he said that I was about the size of a 6 year old. This I believe causes me great pain as well as the recurring UTIs. At times I don't even know I have a UTI unless it is obviously discolored( although I have had a UTI but the urine is not even much yellow almost clear, or if there are big clots that look like pus clots, but the most telling is the very strong odor, not that any of it smells good. The pain I endure all the time is the same with or without there being a UTI.
I am so very desperate and it has got to where anything I eat or even drink causes nausea and or vomiting. I am constantly exhausted and now depression us taking over. I am only almost 57, January 8th. I am too young to feel this way. I hope you can give me some guidance.
I am very sorry to hear your situation.
all od your problem seems to come from your Anatomical malformation you get when you were born. as you are getting old, you body function is degraded. you should take the medication your doctor give to you and see your doctor regularly. since you can't have surgery to change the malformation, you should try to avoid UTI.
Drink enough water, improve your immune syetem, eat healthy food ,sleep well.
most important, don't be anxious and depressed ,th's not good for your health.
trust me , other elderly people also have all kinds of problems. try to live a better life.
I feel ya.I have so much pain like having a bady.Pain I. My back come with it.Its been about 6 years From !t last I call atack.I get every sick.Can't work can't stand or lay just ball up.what do we do???