What Causes Ankle Edema?

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Hello, I need help with my right ankle.
I was in a car accident back in 1992, I fracture my right ankle. Going into surgery Dr placed a long metal with 8 screws. 6 month later they were removed. It’s been a few years back that I starting having real problems, To begin I can’t stand for long period of time, I can’t walk for a lot, if I do any of these a few hours later after relaxing I can’t walk I will be limping or need to hold on to some thing to be able to walk. I would like to know if I can redo a surgery?
Thank you
Desperately need it done ASAP
Hello, surgery needs to be measured in combination with the condition and physical condition. It is recommended that you go to the hospital to check an X-ray or CT of the ankle to confirm the condition and then decide whether to operate.
What if it swollens both ankles and feet. Should i go to the hospital. Is it normal after two years of surgery
No. Swollen ankles and feet are unlikely to be caused by surgery or its complications. They are more likely to be caused by kidney problems, liver problems or heart problems. It may also be caused by deep vein thrombosis of the femoral vein.
evaluate kidney and heart function
also mri or cat for structural issues of bones and joints-
 shoe analysis
and finally,pelvic structural  by x-ray by experienced chiropractor.
good luck.
Why does one of my ankle swell and the other one doesn’t?
It happens a lot, like for example, a blockage is in the left leg, but no the right.
evaluation bycardiologist as well as kidney specialist
It really hurts. ( Like A Bad Toothache) swelling even while resting. Nothing is reducing the swelling.
Um, there must be a cause to the swelling, is your ankle injured?