What Causes Corneal Edema?

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I had cataract surgery in april 2018. since have had blurred vision. Dr. says corneal edema. need corneal transplant. from complications of surgery. Is this Drs. fault? drops dont work .What if i dont get transplant? will i lose my vision in that eye? Dr. says no.
There is a risk of corneal edema after cataract surgery. It is impossible to have a 100% success rate for any operation. If the corneal edema is too long and drugs are not effective, it is best to perform a corneal transplant.
Did you have the corneal transplant, and if so, what was the result?
I have received a corneal transplant years ago. The surgery went successful, and not much eye rejection after that. First the Dr would give you a thorough eye examination, and ask about your eye conditions. For instance, do you have eye infection? Are you take drugs recently? Then you would be placed in the wait line. Before the surgery, I got anesthesia around my eyes along with sedation to relax. I was still awake, but there was no pain felt during the procedure. And after that I need to use the eye patch to protect my eyes from stimulaion. The Dr also gave me some meds and other medical advice. Things like eating more fresh veges and fruits, don't take shower in a week and pay attention to your conditions. The eye rejection may happen, and you may lose your sight for days, can't help tearing, get eye infection or inflammation and so on. The two weeks after surgery is the period that requires your attention most. Fortunately there was no discomfort for me. My eyes took it quite well.
I have fuchs dystrophy and i am having catatct surgery. Is that a bad idea?
It depends, listen to you Dr. since he's going to evaluate your condition.
I had cataract surgery with fuchs dystrophy. Vision was blurry, worse than before the surgery. After many months of treatment with steroid drops and sodium chloride solution, there was no improvement. Finally went with cornea transplant which ultimately cleared everything up and vision in that eye is now better than before the cataract surgery.