Can You Suggest Some Lymphedema Products?

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Can lymphedema be caused by an old injury? Such as a chipped bone in the leg.
Primary lymphedema
(1) Congenital Simple hereditary.
(2) early onset primary lymphedema can be classified as follows: 1 lymphatic hypoplasia with subcutaneous lymphoid deficiency; 2 lymphatic hypoplasia, lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels are small and small; 3 lymphoid hyperplasia with lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels And more, there are times of distortion and varicose.
Lymphatic hypoplasia is very rare, common in congenital lymphedema.
2. Secondary lymphedema
(1) Infectious parasites, bacteria, fungi, and the like.
(2) Injury Surgery, radiotherapy, burns, etc.
(3) malignant neoplasms primary tumors, secondary tumors.
(4) Other systemic diseases, pregnancy, etc.
if you have this recently,Primary lymphedema can be excluded.
Although inhury can cause this, other reasons should be excluded. you should see a doctor.