What Is Broken Heart Syndrome?

1 Answer

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but van this kill youif so how can you tell
I think you can tell it very soon, you may suffer Tachycardia, low blood pressure, you need to go to ER ASAP.
The weird thing is though BP was extremely high close to eight hour care 10 next following day is very very low next phone with days to present hi Annette is our required yet
 I guess I’m saying yes a broken heart can kill you because the internal pain never ever goes away it’s NOT possible and every day! it worsens!!!!!
 Between the emotional psychological physical memories it’s impossible the only thing to do is have your faith in God and know when he calls  you will see all again
Only  when God says it’s time !!!!!

Believe me I pray every night that there is a spot open for me and for meI can go there ASAP
Only with Gods Intervention