Any Information about Heart Palpitations?

13 Answers

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I was diagnosed with clinical depression several years ago. It was changed to major Depression. There has been some life changes in the past few months. I do have panic attacks, am anxious. Today I have had heart palpitations most of the afternoon. That’s not new but the length of time is. Is this normal?
If you feel it's different with previous ones, I would suggest you talk to a Dr.

what causes heart palpitations? I can be sitting, standing, walking or laying down and my heart starts beating strange. 

Try to get an EKG as soon as you can. There're many possible causes to heart palpitations, an EKG will show the cause.
I have heart  Surgery almost  10 years ago  and after  that  I  suffered  with  heart  palpitations  every  ounce in a while  .. and make me so tired   I take  PROPAFENONE  , Digoxin,  warfarin,  high blood pressure  medication,  diabetes  medication,  etc.  Does any of these medications  make me  feel  with  Palpitations  ??
The medicine you take will not cause your heart to palpitate. It should be caused by primary heart disease. If you have no contraindications, you can try metoprolol.