Any Information about Heart Stent Surgery?

2 Answers

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My husband had a heart stint due to 95 percent blockage and a second and third arteries blockages. He seemed to do better but now he is back feeling tired and needing to keep sleeping!!!!! What is going on please? What should I do?????
has he have stent implanted?how is the blood pressure and heart function? does he have edema?
take drugs as prescribtion and do follow-up with the doctor.
Yes he followed all instruction with meds and aftercare but he has no energy and needs to sleep all the time what should I do
Go back to the surgeon and ask for information, maybe more tests, it doesn't sound right at all. I'm thinking of insufficient blood supply to the brain that can make him sleep all the time.
What restrictions after heart stints I have3
Hi, the key is to manage the cholesterol.