What are the Basics of Heart Valve Disease?

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I suffer from a leaking heart valve. While on telemetry recorded bouts of V~Tac, excessive fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, loss of muscle mass, dizziness, migraines.  The worse symptom being diapheretic  bouts as soon as I get my heart started.  All documented.
I am searching for a Cardiac surgeon who can help me get my health and life back on track. If you or anybody you know are willing to help, please contact me. I'm fully insured. (516) 724~1831
you can check online about
1)Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, Ohio;
2)Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota
3)New York Presbyterian Church Columbia and Cornell University Hospital New York
4)Duke University Hospital Damler, North Carolina
5)Brigham and Women’s Hospital
6)Massachusetts General Hospital Boston
7)University of Pennsylvania Hospital Philadelphia
I totally understand how you feel.i would also like to have my heart valve fixed. But without the right Dr.and money you don't. Count
Hi. MY Mom was just diagnosed with a leaky heart valve. She is 80 yrs. Old. The doctor said there is nothing that can fix it. I looked the condition up on this site, and it gave me a better picture of what it is. According to what I read, there is something that Can be done. He sent her home with no meds. Or cures. Can u give a little more info. On this condition?!! PLEASE!! You can call if u wish. (205)830-0564. PLEASE Respond!!!
I can tell you there is no disease termed as "leaky heart valve". I think you mean Valve regurgitation。 besides, there are four valves in the heart: aortic valve, mitral valve, Tricuspid valve, pulmonary valve. which one have problem? no matter which one , the most effective treatment is surgury. a 80 old women is with high risk, surgery is not recoomned. drug won't help the condition very much. so the doctor didn't give you meds. if you have edema or trachycardia, drugs may help. if no symptoms, no drug is needed.
I had an aortic valve replacement Plus two aneurysms in the root of my heart repaired at the University Hospital of PA in Philadelphia over seven yrs. ago.  I have to say open-heart surgery is very painful and lasts quite awhile, but for me it was worth it.  Now, not all replacements are open-heart surgery, mine was due to the aneurysms.  I had an excellent surgeon and care.  There are a few tests you have to go through before surgery, talk to your primary Dr. and have him refer you, ask questions.   Hope this helps.  By the way, I was 73yrs old when I had this done.  Best Wishes.
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