What Does German Measles Refer to?

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Can it pass on down the family gene pool? My mother got them when pregnant with my oldest brother. It affected his teeth; developed 3 sets at once and he ended up eventually having them all pulled by age 17. His kids, their kids all have some dental issues. Mine are “chalky” and falling/breaking out.
Thanks for addressing this. JLB in OH
Hello, generally speaking, this disease is not a hereditary disease. The problem with your brother's children's teeth may be caused by other reasons.
Is german measles the same as regular measles???
No. German measles refers to rubella, also known as three-day measles. They share some characteristics, such as the red rash, but they are not the same. Rubella is caused by a different virus than measles, and is neither infectious nor usually as severe as measles.