What Diseases May Trigger Bursitis?

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I am 30 years old and have MS. For YEARS I  have been told my pain in my left hip lower back and left leg are due to sciatica however I have been in PT for months and was told 2 weeks ago that I have bursitis. I have never had an MRI of my spine (other than cervical) to prove I have sciatica. I have also never heard of bursitis. The pain is debilitating at times and I get to a point that I cannot move my leg or turn my body. I have been given steroids (for assumed nerve/disk issue) for years that do help but cause me to feel starved and I gain 10lb each time and cause me to get flu-type sick everytime. I do drop the weight after taking them. But the pain comes right back. Unfortunately, I have been on steroids so many times I'm no longer permitted to take them. I have been icing the areas for years on and off as well as heat with very little relief. I am not overweight and I am active (not sports but garden, work full time, and take care of my household, and like to be outside walking around) i take 800mg of motrin at least 4 times a day,  I have been laid up for days and then "taken it easy" for days after a "flair"? It started as a once every few months lasting a few days issue and over the course of 6 years has turned to a daily issue for months with only days of relief in between. After starting PT I have had 4 good days, admittedly better than before, but it just comes back with a vengeance even with advised stretches at home. Does this actually sounds like bursitis, and if so, what should I be doing. Any help, or thoughts are much appreciated. My PT just told me to keep doing the stretches and ice. I do, however it is still an unbearable amount of pain most of the time.
It is recommended to improve related imaging examinations such as MRI. If it is bursitis, treatment to reduce local joint movement and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, you have no contraindications to hormone therapy, hormone therapy has certain side effects, so we need to weigh the pros and cons
I hurt so bad everywhete i cant sleep hard to stand or sit no feeling in my feet tingling constantly up and down legs like eletricity going thru my body so tired of all this i take lyrica celebtex diclofinac savella nothing helps
Bursitis can't cause such a feeling, did you get the lumbar spine examined?
Numbness. Add a little numbness in fingers. Arsenic or heavy metal poison. I watch the murder shows.
I have been diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis in my right hip where I had a replacement several years ago. It was easily diagnosed by my orthopedic doctor through X-ray. Physical therapy prescribed. Bursitis can be painful—I know, I have experienced it. Sharp intense pain especially at night. Cold packs, pain meds and physical therapy have helped relieve the inflammation caused by bursitis. Also sleeping position makes a difference.
I beg to differ with you Marquez Cecil.  I have the exact same pains as the OP, including the nerve pain in my outer thighs.  It is so severe it keeps me awake all night, and I finally pass out from sheer exhaustion by 5-9 a.m.
With acute flare of hip bursitis, the pain is severe and can radiate to the upper legs. If the pain is so severe, then injection of steroids to the bursa should be considered. Go to see an orthopedic surgeon.