What Are the Basics of Bone Spurs?

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I have been having pain on the outside of my right foot. Directly under the ankle.  It feels fevered at times and hurts to walk at times. I can't see any change to my foot. I  went already and had an x-ray done. The doctor didn't mention bone spurs, but a friend did. Is there a possibility that it could be bone spurs?
X-ray is sensitive to bone spurs. i think there is no bone spurs.
I just had an x-ray on my right foot yesterday, and I have a small bone spur. Dr wants me to see a podiatrist asap.I think if you had a bone spur, it would have shown up in the x-ray. I thought I had plantar fecsiitis, because when I googled my pain symptoms, it seemed like I had that. Maybe you have plantar fecsiitis?
Can you show us the X-ray images? Without this, others cannot decide whether there are spurs. Additionally, there are many conditions that could cause your symptom, and X-ray is not sensitive to soft-tissue changes. Probably a MRI scan would yeild more information.
How can I help bone spurs heal of the spine at home ???
What are your symptoms now? Do you have symptoms of nerve compression such as low back pain and pain radiating to the inside of the thigh? If you have, you should prone or supine for as much as possible for 3 days, keeping in mind that the mattress should not be too soft. If not, be careful not to maintain a certain position for a long time and minimize the bending action.
Try to reduce the bending action, and lie flat or prone as much as possible. If you are obese, you need to pay attention to losing weight.
I have pain on top of right foot hurts even when I am not walking when I touch the area it feels like a needle is sticking me very painfull what could it be
If top of foot red jot and swollen can be a sign of cellulitis, if so need to see doctor immediately.
Osteoporosis, osteoporosis arthritis, facet joints, dexascan shows osteoporosis -2.1 in hip. Painful bones, shoulder, spine,hips, knees
"Spurs" is actually a skeleton, which is what we often say about bone hyperplasia. Bone hyperplasia itself is not a disease, just like human aging white hair, is the normal physiological response of bones and joints. As the age increases, the bones and joints will gradually degenerate. When the bones are in contact with the soft tissues, the cartilage between the joints will gradually lose moisture and elasticity due to long-term stress, tension and damage. The bones and bones will wear out. The pressure between the joints, naturally on the edge of the bone joints will accumulate a part to reduce this pressure. It is essentially a compensatory function of the human body, and it is a self-protection reaction produced by the human body for the change of adaptability.

Because the articular cartilage is damaged, after the "bone spur" is long, it can strengthen the bone joints with poor stability, which is beneficial to the stability of the bone joints and avoid further damage; the bone spurs may also cause peripheral nerves, blood vessels, etc. The oppression, the corresponding clinical symptoms appear; so it is physiological, but it may turn into pathological.

Clinical practice has also proved that the body has bone spurs and does not always have clinical symptoms. Moreover, the size and number of bone spurs are not directly proportional to the severity of the patient's symptoms. Therefore, there is no need to doubt whether they have spurs or panic because of bone spurs. Asymptomatic epiphyses are not treated, and the symptoms of osteophytes are mainly conservative and surgical.

Conservative treatment

Acupuncture, massage, and cupping can relax the muscles and improve the local blood supply, which will make people feel comfortable, but it has no therapeutic effect on the epiphysis itself, and will not let the epiphysis disappear.

Drug treatment is mainly anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs to relieve symptoms, and can not eliminate osteophytes.

Exercise can not eliminate osteophytes, and imp
I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia and I'm getting hard bumps on my joints, hands and elbows and they are hard like bones, should I be worried? I showed my Dr but she didn't seem concerned, could it be cancer? They are sore to the touch and getting bigger . What should I do?
Hello, osteoporosis is often manifested as unexplained chronic back pain, spinal deformity, fracture history, etc. If osteoporosis has been confirmed, then there is no need to worry about developing cancer. If you are really worried, you can check your bone scan or MRI further.
I'm in constant back pain do to bone Spurs . My pain gets worse when I try to sit up and stand up. What can I do?
For bone spurs, what you can take is pain reliever.
I have a lump just above my right knee, i injured my knee , had fluid on the knee, in xray it shows my femur bone curving out just above knee. Back in 1978 i had a bone spur in same knee left side. Any advise ?
Hello Mr. Carlton, this is effusion in the joint cavity, you may take an x-ray to confirm. Your Dr. can do drain the fluid, and/or give you anti-inflammatory medication.
My husband has had a tender spot on his heel for a couple months. He thought something from outside had worked it's way into the skin. When our daughter was able to dig out a small hard piece of something, we thought it was done. Today, he went to the ER, and they said it was a bone spur. Is that even possible? For the spur to be so far away from the bone that it is directly under the skin?
Um, a spur can't be soft and tender.
Zac, you didnt fully read or maybe comprehend what was written. Pamela wrote that what was dug out was small hard piece of something. And ER confirmed to be bone spur.