Exercises You Should Avoid with Hip Bursitis

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But what exercises should be done? This only tells which ones to avoid.
Isn't resting the best treatment for hip bursitis? Once I could barely walk and doctor said it's hip bursitis, he didn't give me any med, asked me to stay at bed for several days, avoid moving as much as possible. I did so and recovered in three days.
1. Manage the diet structure, avoid excessive intake of acidic substances, and exacerbate acidic constitution. The acid-base balance of diet is a very important part of the treatment of synovitis and the prevention and treatment of complications. For food, eat less meat, and eat more vegetables.
2. Regular outdoor exercise, sweating, can help eliminate excess acid in the body, thus preventing the occurrence of synovitis. But avoid overwork and always keep warm.
3. Maintain a good mood, try to relax.
Thank u for this information. I can hardly walk, I know my burst down the side of my leg is inflamed, but I never knew that it could affect my hip joint like this.
Hip bursitis is not uncommon. You can go to see an orthopedic surgeon and get a hip MRI scan to comprehensively evaluate the bursitis. For controlling the pain, you can either take ibuprofen or use steroid injection into the bursa.
For acute bursitis, you may just relax and avoid moving as much as possible. If your pain is severe, you may try OTC pain relievers.
No actual solutions on which exercises to do, and which to avoid.  Living your life on ibuprofen is NOT an answer either
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