What Causes Shoulder Bursitis?

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I get strong Pain in my arms bycept mussels, both arms! Is this bursitis?
How long does this symptom last? Take more rest and reduce joint activity. If the pain does not ease, you need to go to the hospital.
I had a rotary cuff repair 1yr and 3mos and I can't use my shoulder now. I could before surgery but not now. It is bone on bone. If I could use my arm before and not now. What went wrong. My mussel hurts now to and I am in consent pain.
I get pain in right shoulder and numbness of fingers.
I also are experiencing the same problem with Rotator Cuff repair. In addition prior to surgery medication given to me in my room for surgery paralyzed the right side of my diaphragm and my right lung no longer functions. I am on oxygen and have completely had to change my life to cope with daily living. The Pulmonary Disease Doctor kept telling me my diaphragm might start back normal functioning. After 2 years of waiting for healing I finally realized my lung would never start to function. I live in a State where you only have 2 years to bring a law suit against Doctors. I now have severe disability and medical expenses trying to survive on fixed income. I regret ever having surgery. The constant pain and struggle of day to day life is over whelming and frightening.
In your case, I would strongly advise you to see a physical therapist to relieve the pain the regain some function of the diaphragm. Certainly, painkillers would temporarily relieve the pain, but it does not seem to be suitable for your case.
my shoulder is in pain from over use and just normal use. it sends tingly feelings down my arm and my hand is numb. have tried muscle relaxers and anti inflamatories..I don't know what is wrong  help me please. the pain gets worse with time. every doctor I go see says that it is normal
Do you have neck pain? You should recently reduce the movement of related joints. It may be neuropathic pain.
Exactly what I had a few years ago, my left shoulder was in pain, I had pain with upper arm, I also had tingling with fingers. I took X-ray, I met a couple of doctors, they all said I was fine. I told one of them that hot compress helps a bit, she said then you do hot compress as long as it helps you. Then I decided not to see any more doctors throwing money, so I started my gym training. That actually helped more.
Do you have neck pain? You should recently reduce the movement of related joints. It may be neuropathic pain.
No neck pain to speak of
It can be a cervical spine problem and you can feel no neck pain. From shoulder to arm to hand, the numbness indicates nerve compression which is usually linked to cervical spine.
Que medicamento usar para la bursitis de hombro ?
Anti-inflammatory: aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g. Advil), naproxen (e.g. Aleve), and cox-2 inhibitors (e.g. Celebrex)Topical analgesics: Ben-Gay, Icy-Hot and Zostrix These are OTC. Other medications are on prescription.
It makes me feel like im going to pass out
Oh, the pain is horrible. I know that. Can't use my left arm now.
I having the same issue. I would suggest getting a lyme disease test to rule that out.