What Are the Basics of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?

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Dear AHA, I’m 80 yrs old and my CT from 6/2018 showed a 4cm aortic aneurism dilatation. I understand that is very enlarged, and by the time it’s 6cm wide it could burst. I’d bleed quickly and not survive more than 5 min.  Naturally I’m worried. Surgery at my age is too risky. My cardiologist says to check it’s size every 6 mos. I suppose it would be better to die from some other condition than a bursting aorta?
Hello Mr. Foote, maintaining good mood and keeping your blood pressure normal can reduce the possibility of rupture. If the surgery is too risky, you have to watch out on your BP, try your best to maintain the BP stable and normal. Avoid things that might raise your BP suddenly, like anger, excitement.
Can trauma (body slam) cause the aneurysm: someone dropped their weight across my prone body? Have other injuries as well.
Dear, trauma does not usually cause an aneurysm. I don't know how much weight you call. If a certain weight of the object violently hits, the most serious may cause visceral rupture, if you have symptoms, I suggest you go to the hospital as soon as possible.