What Are the Basics of Conjunctivitis?

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What is the best thing to do for it. I have no insurance. It looks like I have something black swimming in my eyes lol
Conjunctivitis is present as pink eye,itch eye, abnormal sensation, burning sensation, heavy eyelids, and increased secretions may cause photophobia, tearing, and varying degrees of visual loss when the lesion involves the cornea.
black swimming is not like sth because of Conjunctivitis. maybe because Lens degeneration,it happens to people, especailly after Overuse of the eye.
Hi Ms. Coleman, pink eye usually can recover on its own even with no medication applied, so if you have pink eye, you don't need to worry. Feeling something black swimming in the eye is a totally different thing. Moving black spots in the eye, is usually called floaters in the eye, it's associated to len degeneration. There's no effective treatment. Doctors usually tell patients to try to ignore the feeling. Only when it's very serious will an eye doctor consider surgery. However, this is based on your description, in order to get a diagnosis you'll still have to see an eye doctor.