What Are the Basics of C. Difficile Infection?

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My sister was diagnosed with c diff and h polory now she's  shes been to many doctors who havent helped and shes in constant pain she lost her job her home and still no one will help her please contact 8602123768 she is literally in so much pain and no one will help her and she also has  13 yr old shes the sole  caregiver for this child when she can barely move if u could point me in the right direction I'd  and my sister would love u thanks
I saw a naturopath's advertisement on line. Try Albert Snow. He does need payment.
I would tell her to get the supplement colostrum or colostrum milk from goat milk. She should check out the Fodmap diet because it'll help her find helpful food to eat. Dr. Axe has a free protocol
for H. Pylori on his web. Contact CBN's 700 Club for prayer & the have a free gut fix booklet out.
I'll be praying for her & the family.
I pitty your situation i live in DELAWARE i have suffered more than 20 yrs with unexplainable undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed i sympothise and found this via you tube and asking phone what is...... God bless gd luck
It had to be traced back to 2014 when I had a urinary tract infection and was given Bactrim. It lasted more than 1 year and then the trouble began. I developed a bad pain in the right side of stomach, loose motions. It even hurt to walk or drive a car. I couldn’t eat as well. I went to see the doctor for many times, but no disease was diagnosed. In 2017, after several visits to a new young general physician, she wrote told me it was C. Difficile. Well, it was totally a mixed blessing.
Donna  I have the stomach  and poop  and  when I go to the bathroom  it's stink  really  bad I feel it travel through  my In stomach and i burp  and fart  i could  fill a balloon  up  and  when ALL  this happens I  bathroom time  and a mask  on I  need help
Do you have any abdominal pain besides stinky stool? Do you eat any contaminated food? Do you have diarrhea if you do not eat them? You can try not to eat them for a few days to see if your symptoms are improved. If not, see a gastroenterologist.
How long is c diff contagious
C-diff is generally parasitic in the human intestine. If antibiotics are excessively eusd, the growth of Clostridium difficile is accelerated, affecting other bacteria in the intestines and causing diseases.
I had c-diff too for 1 solid year the only way I got rid of .it was probiotics and probiotics by Dr Gundry  I took many prescribed meds and infusions before the probiotics and probiotics with no luck. Some of the meds were$$$ of dollars per pill and still no luck in ridding it.We were at the point we were going to insert the poop of another person thru the nose into the colon Thank God we tried Dr.Hungry as the last alternative.I sure hope this information help you.I will say a prayer for you