What Is Subconjunctival Hemorrhage?

4 Answers

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I am newly on blood thinners.  I woke up with sunconjuctival hemorrhage in left eye.  Do I need to decrease my Eloquis?  I'm on it because I'm in bed more due to injury and they found tiny blood clot in my leg over 3 weeks ago.
Have you done blood tests, or blood coagulation tests lately?Is the number of platelets normal? Pay attention to diet, and eat more vitamin C
I get subconjunctival very often. How can the redness go away faster. It lasts 5to 7 days to go away.
What are your symptoms? Is the eye itchy or painful and has more secretions? Different eye drops should be applied depending on the symptoms.
I had subconjunctival hemorrhage last month and now it is happening again. Is it normal for it to reocur so soon?
Have you had eye surgery recently? Are you clear about the cause of conjunctival bleeding last month? How abt the amount of bleeding? Has vision been affected? Have you used eye drops or oral medications? Is this bleeding different from the last time? It is recommended that you take the medicine after the diagnosis is confirmed, otherwise your vision may be affected.
I take blood pressure medicine will it be safe if I use blood thinners and my bp meds?
what do you mean by "blood thinners"? Aspirin? Clopidogrel? If it is, it's OK. It's a normal therapy