What Are the Common Causes of Pink Eye?

1 Answer

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I currently have pink eye and I heard you can cure it with lemon juice is that right or wrong?
By dripping lemon juice into your eye? How painful it could be! And it's not safe, may damage your eye because of the acid. My home remedy is to prepare some salt water, dissolve some salt into pure clean water, and then use a disinfected cotton stick to drip the salt water into my eye. It relieves the itchy almost in 5 minutes. Salt water has been used to disinfect for centuries. However I only use it to relieve itchy feeling, I'm not sure about pink eye. And you shouldn't make the salt water too salty, cause the medical used concentration is only 5%. I usually taste it, when I feel obvious salty, it's good enough to use. And use only a little each time. Put it only at the corner of the eyes, inner, outside or downsides, not to put it on the eyeball.
Dear, the eyes are very important and fragile organs. Lemon juice is strongly acidic and easily damages the eyes, so it is not recommended. It is recommended to go to the ophthalmology for professional treatment.