What Can We Learn About Cervical Spondylitis?

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Is spondylitis also like a burning sensation in the neck with a bump
I would like to recommend a book named 《Chiropractic Techniquede》,which will help you understand some of the spine-related care and look forward to being useful in improving your condition. This is a physical therapy that originated in the United States and is mainly aimed at the spine. It affects the changes in human biomechanics, soft tissue and nervous system by means of manipulation, and stimulates the body's ability to heal naturally.

In chiropractic therapy, it is believed that the spine plays a vital role in the health of the human body. Many diseases are directly or indirectly related to spinal dislocation oppression.

The main advantage of American Chiropractic is that it can quickly and accurately determine whether the spine of each part of the human body has a subluxation, so as to make accurate diagnosis, rapid correction, and rapid improvement of body shape and constitution for the diseases caused by the spine, nerves and muscles. In particular, chiropractic uses high-speed, low-frequency forces that do not cause pain in the body.

By reading this book, you will not only have a comprehensive understanding of the joint anatomy and biomechanical foundation of chiropractic, but also learn the principles and operations of various correction techniques. This book applies to physiotherapy rehabilitation doctors, yoga, dance and fitness instructors, and all those who wish to regulate their health through chiropractic therapy.