BP Analyzer

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I have hypertension...my blood pressure was 160/77 my pulse was 105..should i b concern...my pulse was like this for 6 hrs....it seems to not..be slowing down...im not upset...
Thanks in advance,
Rosella Robinson
you should take drugs. go to a cardiologist. medication depends on your age and  otehr Comorbidities.
My blood pressure keeps jumping from very high  to very low and my doctor  keeps adjusting my meds
Please take advice from your doctor. It's right to adjust you drugs.
Keep a good lifestyle. Sleep well. Pay attention to your salt and water intake.
My bp is 100/56 rate 48, should I go to the hospital? I had some jaw pain and took two nitro tabs. What do you think I should do?
how old are you?how is your BP usually?

jaw pain and relieve by  nitro tabs. this can be a sign of coronary heart disease. you should go to hospital ASAP.
Heart rate is 67
it's normal when the heart rate is between 60-100.
My BP has been 190/140 to 220/200.. when should I go to the hospital
Now. I'd recommend you to make your arrangement now.