BNP and NT-proBNP - Normal Range

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What does test result of 21 on BNP  testing of 86 yr old woman  mean?
it's normal.
how do doctor help lower the NT PRO BETA NATURITIC PEPTIDE level in patients with heart failure?  Is there medication or specific treatment?  Please advise, I have a family member with this condition.  thank you
Dear, only the BNP indicator for improving heart failure can be reduced. The overall treatment principle for improving heart failure is cardio, diuretic, and broad blood vessels. The specific medication must be based on the patient's physical condition. For example, there is no edema, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment. I wish a speedy recovery.
I am a 77 year old male,  My BNP is 1135 my BP is a little high but not bad for my age.  I get fatigued easily. No edema and have no problem breathing. What should I do?
It is one of the symptoms of heart failure. The treatment principle of heart failure includes usually cardiotonic, diuretic and vasodilator. Specific drugs must be provided by a heart physician. So you should go to the hospital immediately.
BNP is a sign for heart failure. Besides, you get fatigued easily and breath problem. They are signs for heart failure. You should see a cardiologist ASAP.
I am a 54 year old female with a recent NT-proBNP  level of 600....what does this mean?  I was denied life insurance on this result.
Hello, NT-proBNP 600 means you have a chance of heart failure, a cardiologist needs to take tests for you and give you prescription.
600 is high, you may have early stage of heart failure, even if you're not diagnosed as heart failure for now, there's a big chance you'll develop heart failure in years. That's why the insurance company rejected you.
I am a 86 year old female with heart and kidney failure.  I had a NT-pro BNP blood test done last week and the results were 2840 and normal is  0-738.  It seems that I am at the end of my life if it is that high.  I have a Pacemaker and a Watchman in my heart. would this cause it to be so high?  I take heart meds and just recently moved to another state and my regular Dr. is no longer treating me but he ordered this test with the usual blood work to be done a month after I moved.   I am a retired R.N. and experience shortness of breath upon exetrion
I think the BNP in 2840 can't stand for your heart function, since you are 86 and kidney failure. BNP is positively related to your age and kidney failure.  How is your BP ? do you  take drugs for heart failure? should you see another doctor. Have you try Sacubitril Valsartan Sodium Tablets, Metoprolol and Spironolactone? IF your blood pressure can stand these drugs, you should try .
My suggestion is to see another doctor.
Why have I not heard a reply from you?  It states 30 minutes and it has been a day and a half and still no reply....
My NT- Pro BNP 222.00 high
The level of NT- Pro BNP is positively related to age. Considering your age, I think it's Ok. If you have no symptom, such as short breath, fatigue, edema in the lower limb, no need to worry.
For a 55 yr. old white female, Is a bnp level of 246 considered normal. If not how severe is this for someone who has never experienced any heart conditions.
Hello Ms. Marie, the BNP 246 is outside of the normal range. At this value, your dr. will order further tests for you, on heart and kidney.
A 65 year old male with a bnp of 621 is it normal if not how serious is it
Hi, your value is abnormal, that means you'll need to discuss with your doctor, take tests, take medications, do things he asks you to do. You'll need to take actions to take care of your heart.
It's an abnormally high BNP value, either heart problem or kidney problem can lead to the high BNP value. Please follow up with your doctor to find which one it is and get treatment.