Cloudy Vision Post Cataract Surgery

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I had both eyes done in October 2018.  I now have cloudiness in both eyes and wonder how long do I need to wait before the YAG surgery is done.  My follow-up appt is in 4 months and it's very frustrating to have blurry vision.
i am not sure how long it's gonna last, because the effectiveness of surgery depends on your situation and the doctor's skill and other factors.
What can i do to keep my lens from becoming cloudy after? I just had yag and i see good. I dont want cloudy eyes again!
1. Avoid washing water into the eyes when washing your face and bathing within one week after surgery.
2, to avoid strenuous exercise and weight within one month after surgery, so as to avoid excessive force, high intraocular pressure caused by surgical incision, if there is constipation or cough symptoms, it should be controlled with drugs.
3, within 3 months after surgery, avoid rubbing, collision eye. For the anterior chamber intraocular lens and the intraocular lens implanted with the iris, it is necessary to avoid rubbing the eyes by hand for a long time to avoid damage to the corneal endothelium by the artificial lens and the cornea.
4. For congenital cataracts under 10 years of age, parents must be instructed to treat amblyopia in children. Since many parents do not understand the importance of amblyopia treatment, they often think that after cataract surgery, they are done. Here to remind: cataract is only to provide children with a chance to train their vision. The quality of eyesight depends on the treatment of amblyopia.
5. After leaving the hospital, you still need to go to the hospital for a follow-up visit.
Why do you need to go to the hospital for a follow-up visit? You need to go see your Ophthalmologist who did the surgery.
I had cataracts removed from both eyes and sometimes my eyes become blurred and cloudy, usually after I am up for awhile. This is aggravating and sometimes with pain. What can be causing this? After surgery I had perfect vision and could see and read small letters. What is happening and what can I do further?
When considering it is ostoperative inflammatory response:
1. Iris inflammatory response: aqueous turbidity IOL surface deposits and fibrous film
2. Fiber PR exudation: mainly fibrin exudation membrane for pupil and IOL surface
1.Surgical mechanical stimulation
2. Foreign body reaction of filling liquid, viscoelastic agent
3. Foreign body reaction of IOL
4. Allergic reaction to residual cortex
Treatment: non-catch: pranoprofen (prostaglandin) diclofenac sodium (white tris)
Hormone + non-clinical drug (light reaction)
Endophthalmitis: 0.05%---0.13% or 0.3%
deal with:
1. anterior chamber or vitreous sampling sample smear culture and drug sensitivity
2. Wangu 1mg + ceftazidime 2..25mg 3---4 days repeated injection
3. Whole body 1gu IV BID + ceftazidime 1g IV. TID
4. Glass-cut: Vision: Manual or better CASE has no meaning for glass cutting
And the vision is light or worse.
Vision will be injected into the vitreous eye alone.
The intraocular lens is generally not taken out.
5. Hormone Endophthalmitis requires an anti-inflammatory response, so hormones must be used. Avoid retinal serous or traction netting
48H systemic hormone
0.1% ground
0.4mg ground glass injection
Severe prednisolone 1mg/kg/d 7.5mg methylprednisolone 4mg IV
Infected pathogen: P. acnes causes chronic endophthalmitis
Gram-positive polymorphic anaerobic bacteria
1. Long incubation period for several months - several years
2. Slow progress, fluctuations, initially effective against hormones
3. It is difficult to identify with non-infectious grapevine
4. Visible plaque
5. Glass-cutting deep Anaerobic culture: more than 2 weeks
Treatment: Glass cutting, taking crystals
I have recently had lasar cataract surgery and lenses replacement to correct distance vision  and astigmatism. Both eyes where examined and had 20/15 vision and clear.
Two weeks following Surgery on left EYE  vision problems began to develop in left EYE. When looking at a horizontal line with the left EYE, wariness in the line is noticed. Also small areas of localised bluriness have become present.
Right eye has remained with good vision and only occasional discomfort.
Should I take some action on the left EYE?
Dear, according to your description, there may be problems in postoperative care. It is recommended not to rub your eyes, avoid infection, and go to the hospital for further examinations such as ophthalmoscopy.
Steve, you are so full of yourself and such a idiot! You have no idea what you are talking about on any of your answers. DUH!
Yes, you need to see your eye doctor. Blurred vision is normal shortly (days) after surgery. However, it has already been two weeks, so it is abnormal. Common causes for blurriness after cataract surgery are dry eyes and retinal swelling. You need to see your eye doctor and get a thorough eye exam
Dear, what problem do you have to solve, please tell me in detail. What surgery?
I am going through this now after having cataract surgery in November, Doctors say they don't know what caused this but I think it was the surgery gone bad. Can you help me?
If so, see another eye doctor.
It has been several years since my cataract surgery, and recently my left eye has become very blurry. What do I do??
You've got to see your eye doctor. If you've had artificial lens implanted, posterior capsular opacification is the most likely cause. The treatment will be simple, a 5-minute laser surgery in clinic will work. But you'll need to have the eyes examined in the first place.
My husband had Cataract surgery today. He said it blurry and light reflective. Well this go away?
Hello Ms. Ann, it takes about six weeks to recover, usually the feeling will go away. The blurry mentioned in this post is not the blurry right after the cataract surgery.
Please help I had my eye done 5 years ago now that same eye is cloudy and I just about can see out of it ! On top of it I have high anxiety anyone have any advise on what this is I’m a very healthy 65 yo
Hello Mr. Jim, usually the cloudy vision is associated with the opacificaiton of the implant, an eye doctor can fix it quickly. Regarding the anxiety, that needs evaluation. The anxiety might come from health issues, like fast heart rate, high blood pressure, or mental stress, so an evaluation is necessary.
It's been 5 years since your surgery, you'd better revisit the eye doctor see anything has changed. If you're very healthy, with good BP, pulse, blood glucose level, the anxiety might be associated with the cloudy vision? Probably when you regain clear vision your anxiety will go away.
I will have a cataract surgery soon. and I have a planned vacation after 11 days which include flying. First leg of my flight is 12 hours and another connecting flight for 3 hours. Is it safe and will not affect my recovery?
Hi, recovery varies among people, why don't you ask your eye doctor? You're going to meet him for the surgery anyway.
Hello Mr. Castillo, most of people can fly right after the surgery, some people may be required by the eye doctor to revisit in a day or two. If your trip plan is in 11 days, it should be fine.
Carlos, your answer is totally incorrect and in fact, dangerous. You cannot fly immediately after surgery. Go back to work at Walmart stocking groceries and quit giving advice on something you obviously know nothing about!
Castilo is about to take the cataract surgery, the trip is in 11 days. It's a pretty long time for recovery. The revisit is in a week.