What does Epstein-Barr virus refer to?

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Does Epstein-Barr virus have a lot to do with chronic fatigue syndrome? I’m tired all the time, and I mean all the time. This interferes with my life. I can get up and do dishes and I’m tired and have to rest. Please help. I’ve been searching for help for 3 to 4 yrs now and they always say the same thing, everything is fine. Everything is not fine.
First of all everyone is different so one or 2 people’s opinions are not factual information for you. For MYSELF... I was in pretty normal/good health and boom. Something in my head popped and I ended up on the floor in my office with vertigo. After 6-9 months of seeing every specialist that existed I ended up being sent to Stanford Infectious Disease Department. After a lot of blood tests I had active CMV, EBV, Coxsackie Virus, and more. Also, bacterial infections mycoplasma pneumonia, and Chlamydia pneumonia (has nothing to do with sexual Chlamydia). I was in the first CFS trial at Stanford. This was a little over 12 years ago. I’m not going to get into my whole story here but as far as EBV goes everything is so misunderstood. I have Chronic EBV along with the other active infections. If you have Chronic EBV you are in a completely different league than having an episode of EBV which is the mono stuff and luckily your tiger levels will go way down and possibly be gone. I still am a patient at Stanford but unfortunately the only doctor (my opinion) who gave me any hope was fired for some BS because he was getting that close to a cure on a few infectious diseases. Well, the government shut him down quickly (my opinion). If the government doesn’t have illnesses then no money is made in the pharmaceutical industry and many other industries. My advice is do your research, find an infectious disease doctor that has good reviews from patients and other doctors. It’s a hard world to live in when you can’t even get out of bed to make it to important appointments sometimes. It’s miserable but know that others are going through the same thing and they are willing to support you through this. Anyone here can look up Stanford Dr. Jose Montoya who was the head of the infectious disease department for many years (until the BS claim). His research is still available and he is the most amazing passionate caring doctor that I have ever had. I pray that he will be back at Stanford or his own clinic after they slaughtered him after his many years of amazing help.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and EBV are most definitely connected. In the clinical trial I was in at Stanford out of 20 of us. 19 had active EBV.
Diagnosed with Severe case of Measles age 26, in Florida while working for an Internist, Koplik spots in throat, fever of 106, unconscious, hospitalized on ice mattress for 1 week! Study revealed and Just found out this led to Immune Amnesia October 2019!
3 years after Measles Moved, while managing a psychiatrist’s office, in Cincinnati, parents were visiting, went out to dinner, not hungry, Parent’s went left to drive home to South Florida, I was running fever of 104-105, nauseas, passed out, husband rushed me to the hospital! Spent 8 weeks in the Christ Hospital, Every gland golf ball size in neck, under arms, groin, everywhere! Negative Mono Spot Tests! Severe Fatigue, Pain in Neck, Arms, lower limbs! My physician was a Hematolgist/Oncologist and I also had an Infectious Disease Specialist on my case! I had Bone Marrow Taps, every test and radiology.tests and Blood tests possible! This was 40 years ago!!! I was Diagnosed with Chronic Epstein Barr Virus Syndrome! I was discharged and ordered to relax and recover in Florida, when I arrived, was exhausted! Saw a hematologist/oncologist 5 days after arriving, he ran my blood work, had extremely high white blood count, severe anemia! Ordered me back to home/ spoke with my Dr..in Cincinnati flew home was hospitalized in Bethesda Hospital with same Dr. (CFS wasn’t a diagnosis at that time) was given Prednisone,? moon face! Another 8 weeks in the hospital again!!! Still exhaustion, severe w/glandular enlargement fever pain, severe headaches, dizziness, sinusitis! Hospitalized 20 + times minimum!
This continued for years and years! Had 2 major sinus surgeries as an adult, tonsils and tubes! Suffer with headaches, and continue to suffer to date with enlarged glands, Now Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Still with Chronic Epstein Barr Virus! It’s not done any good to have these diagnoses!!! I filed with Social Security when I had the time and could have collected it! I was denied 2 times! My diagnosis was not recognized at that time by Social Security! Don’t know if I can go back to collect now? Any answers would be appreciated? I haven’t been able to work since1983!!! That’s 36 years!!! I had enough earnings and years going back before then! Thanks!!!
I’m so sorry and I feel your pain and frustration. I was denied by Social Security over and over but kept fighting and got an attorney. Back then, about 13 years ago it was a letter I took to court from my infectious disease doctor who was the head of the department at Stanford that finally made them ok it. So yes, go and fight for it. I know that you don’t have the energy to fight so get an attorney that will fight for you. They get 25% of back pay but they do the work for you. It finally is more known about and not such a “you are just tired” B.S.. Best of luck to you! I know that it sucks so just take it one day or hour or minute at a time.
There is a great book, "No more EBV" It's written by a doctor with 5 years experience with EBV patients. I'm taking it to my doctors appointment from now on as it has tests ect. Giving antibiotics for earaches in EBV patients is harmful. Only talk about EBV to experienced Doctors or you could find yourself in a psychiatric hospital. If you have immunity issues and find you have parasites, it's common, again watch who you speak to. Good luck. I'm trying to get on a clinical research trial.
Thats the first time I've ever heard anyone say that EBV is usually treated by Rheumatologists. I've been to two Rheumatologists 2 2in the past year and neither of them said one word about my EBV. i certainly plan to ask them on my next visit. Thanks for the 'head's up'.
I purchased "No more EBV" written by a doctor, has the tests and what shouldn't be done. I've had it since birth, my mother's was active at the time. I'm 64. Lots of earaches, weird headaches and sore throat come with EBV. Don't let them feed you antibiotics, doesn't help. Food is your medicine.
You have to flush out your body with lemon or lime juice, greek yogurt with "probiotics" not processed, drink spring water from a trusted place because the water is poisoned or boil it in a non toxic pot. eat a lot of dark colored organic not preserved vegetables and fruit and iron rich food like red meat, liver, sushi, ect. And fermented foods like the greek yogurt, suarkraut, kimchee, sourdough, natural jam ect. And most importantly stay hydrated all people die from a form of dehydration to the brain  also known as lack of oxygen via h20 to the brain. You know pissing and pooping is great it means your body is passing bad things out and WORKING! Hope this helps.
Please try c- 60 immune builder on. Level never seen before . The best by far ever
Try foliumpx.com. Folium immune has help some people.
Hello, there is currently no evidence that Epstein-Barr virus is associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. But you have to know that suffering from any kind of disease is almost exhausting. What you have to do is to maintain physical and mental pleasure, relax, and leave the rest to the doctor. wish you health.
Yolonda you obviously don’t have Epstein Barr but I do and It isdefinitely part of the symptoms and the exhaustion can be very severe also
Of course you feel tired, even it's a flu virus you get sick and tired. As long as there's an infection inside of your body you get tired.
Yes it does Check out "No more EBV"
Yolonda you obviously don’t have Epstein Barr but I do and It isdefinitely part of the symptoms and the exhaustion can be very severe also
I would agree that infection of any virus can be exhausting, you just can't help feeling sleepy, tired and dizzy, when you get up, you just don't feel right.
My homeopathic doc ordered VS-C for me. Said EB lives in the spinal cord and this herb makes it an unpleasant place for it to thrive. Only thing that ever helped my CFS and I had been in bed resting for over a year.
What is VS-C?
VS-C is an immune-supporting formula that is a combination of Chinese herbals. To the best knowledge, there is no demonstration that this product is good for patients with epstein-barr virus infection.
However , it cured my sisters herpes virus 15 yrs ago. She has never had another outbreak after taking VS-C for two years.. it’s gone! As a side note, EBV is on the same family of viruses as herpes..
Ingredients of CS-V are Dandelion whole plant, purslane top, indigo leaves and root, thlaspi whole plant, bupleurum root, scute root, typhonium rhizome, cinnamon twig, licorice root and ginseng root, these herbs are actually used when Chinese treat other viral infection, like flu.
A. pharmacist put me in Lysin everyday to keep Epstein Barr Virus at Bay. Hope this helps someone
Sorry, but based on many Dr visits and research, some answers are wrong or incomplete. EBV CAN lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS is usually secondary and is often a misdiagnosis of an underlying viral or adrenal gland cause. Can also lead to hypothyroidism. High Blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is insidious. I have had it for over 20 years following a dural, spinal, puncture and ensuing spinal infection. It lives in the spine but can also settle into your thyroid, spleen or liver. DRS are not very knowledgeable about Chronic réactivation. Suggest CDC info and much individual research. Each case is different, but CFS, is real and horrible. Best of luck. Join CFS support group on Facebook and EBV support group for help and guidance. Also recheck advice like Medical Medium against Dr Kasia Kines and qualified Specialists. Neurologists, Rheumatologists etc. Infectious Disease Drs only useful in diagnosis of original infection not réactivation or CFS.
Several years ago, I had the fatigue symptoms and decided to undertake mega vitamin therapy for 6 months—mega dose vitamins treatment. I purchased the “Vitamin Bible”,  went to a health store, visits to on-line vitamins outlets, etc....my reasoning was the following:  

1. I might have ingested and stored something toxic from the the environment.

2. I might have a vitamin deficiency in which case the body will attempt to absorb a substitute/ alternative vitamin substance.

3. My mental nature is to be a problem solver and I figured my body is also wired to do the same....so I wanted to supply my body with all the vitamin/mineral/ healthy food tools it needed to fix itself.

I then proceeded to study what my body would tolerate in mega vitamin dosage three times a day. The goals were to 1) flush out “bad stuff” from my cells and replace it with good stuff 2) disrupt any possible virus 3) give my body the tools necessary for self-repair 4) set a timeline to start and end the treatment (four months). Results: at the start my body reacted to the mega dosage....I could feel something happening...maybe flushing out toxins-maybe reactions to large quantities of vitamins—maybe healing——but I didn’t stop.....eventually my body adapted to the large dosage of vitamins—/-/after a few months I stopped treatment and my fatigue was gone and has never returned.....